Cisco SPA112

Cisco SPA 112


Provisioning Firmware Management
Yes No

Provisioning: The gateway / adapter will be managed via the pascom phone system.
Firmware Management: Device firmware can not be actualized / updated via the pascom phone system.

The Cisco SPA112 Gateway has two FXS ports for connecting two analog endpoints



For automatic device commissioning, a functioning DHCP server is essential. Please refer to Network planning & configuration for more information.

Device Commissioning

Connect your Cisco SPA112 to your network. The device will then automatically appear in the Gateways list once successfully booted Gateways > Gateway list.

Adding Endpoints via SIP

Follow the following steps Devices > Device list > Add > and select the option Via Cisco Gateway: Analog device via SIP. Next, under the Basic data tab select the Gateway port on which the device should be connected to. Finally, assign the device to a user under the Assignment tab.

After saving your configuration, the Cisco Gateway will restart during which your Cisco SPA 112 will be provisioned by your pascom phone system.