Mobile Hub Setup


If a number is dialed in the Mobility Client either manually or from the phone book, the software is able to make the call via the pascom Server. This way, the call recipient will see the user’s business phone number instead of their mobile phone number.

Illustration - Mobile Hub Concept


Setting up the Mobile Hub for the Mobility Client

To configure the pascom Mobile Hub, select Appliance > Services > Mobile Hub. The following settings are required:

Setting Description
External IP or Domain Enter your phone system’s external IP address or domain via which mobile devices can communication with your pascom phone system server.
Number Enter the phone number under which the mobile hub should be reachable. It is recommended to enter a number from your number block which is still free. When a call is initiated using the mobile hub, then the mobile phone will dial this number. The number must be entered in the international dialing format and as such ensures that the mobile hub is also reachable when making calls from abroad.

Adding mobile devices to the Mobile Hub

After the Mobile Hub has been configured, the required mobile devices must be added and assigned to the corresponding users.

In the pascom web interface, select Devices > Device list and press the Add button. From the list, select Via Mobile hub: Integrated mobile phone:

Enter a name and the corresponding mobile phone number using the national format (0172123123). Only this number will now be authorized to use Mobile Hub.

Under the tab Assignment you can now assign the device to the appropriate user.

Allowing pascom Client usage over the Internet

The pascom desktop clients and mobility clients both use the TCP port 5222 to communicate with the pascom Server. If you want to use your mobile devices with this service over the Internet, you will need to forward TCP port 5222 to your pascom Server. You might also need to adjust your firewall rules if you are running your pascom Server in your DMZ.

The default setting for port 5222 is to only accept SSL connections.