Generic IP Endpoints

Setup IP Phones & Softphones - Generic Vendors

Our VoIP Software provides businesses with an Out-of-the-Box telephony solution thanks to incorporating a fully integrated softphone for Windows, macOS and Linux. The softphone is automatically deployed with the pascom desktop client. More information can be found under pascom Desktop Client User Guide.

pascom is designed to be compatible with every SIP enabled device. Compared to devices from the vendors Snom, Yealink, Auerswald, Aastra and OpenStage, all other SIP devices are not automatically provisioned by pascom. Therefore, all other SIP devices will not be automatically added to the device list and a SIP peer will not be automatically added.

In order to register a softphone or another IP telephone with pascom, press +Add in the device list and choose IP telephone: any manufacturer or softphone as the device type: Screenshot - IP telephone: any manufacturer or softphone Menu

Next, setup a Device Login and Password for the device: Screenshot - IP telephone: any manufacturer or softphone Menu

Use this Device Login and Password to register the device with the pascom software as shown below:

Bria VoIP Softphone

In this example, we are using the Bria softphone from CounterPath: Screenshot - Softphone Bria Login

Zoiper Mobile Softphone

Zoiper is another excellent softphone that provides mobile softphone integration. The setup is relatively straight forward.

Android Setup

Download and install Zoiper from the Play Store and then setup up your mobile softphone as follows:

  • Add an account and answer Yes to the Do you already have an account prompt.
  • Under Account Setup select Manual configuration.
  • Choose account type SIP.
  • Under Host enter the host name / IP address of your pascom instance - for pascom cloud solutions, please enter your pascom instance name e.g. pascom.
  • Under Username and Password enter the device login name and password as configured above.
  • Under Outbound Proxy enter the domain / host name / IP address of where your pascom instance is hosted, e.g. pascom.example

Next you will need to configure your Zoiper Network Settings

  • Change the Transport type to TLS
  • Enable RPORT for Signaling

Finally, under Encryption Settings, enable SRTP and save your configuration. For this you may require Zoiper Gold.

Next, you will need to continue with adding Users and User Locations.