32bit System Support


From mobydick version 7.14, 32bit versions are no longer supported. Should you currently operate a 32bit version, you will need to consider the following:

32bit Installation on 64bit Hardware/Host

By updating, the phone system will be automatically upgraded to a 64bit system.

32bit Installation on 32bit Hardware/Host

When attempting to install a mobydick / pascom phone system from version 7.14 onwards, you will receive an error warning that the update is not possible and the update process will terminate.

Next Steps?

Should you operate a 32bit appliance, then you will require a new hardware solution. Please contact our sales team for more information (Tel. +44 203 1379-964 / +49 991 29691-200).

Should your mobydick phone system be installed in a virtual environment with a 32bit host, then the mobydick phone system will need to be migrated to a new 64bit host.

64bit System New Install Process

Create a database backup via Appliance > Backup > Database Backup

Download the latest pascom Community Version (min. Version 7.14) and install this on your new 64bit compatible hardware / host. Upload and restore your database backup by following these steps: Appliance > Backup > Database backup > Action > Upload and Restore.