pascom 16

Should you have any questions please use the Community Forum.

Should you choose, it is possible to test just the new desktop clients without updating to pascom 16.00 or higher versions. The new client is compatible with pascom versions from 7.14 onwards. To download the client, please got to our download page.

Please note that in this release the following features are not supported in the new client: Recording, Flexpanel wallboards, Team statistics, DATEV integration and FollowMe.

In any case, you can continue to use the classic client with pascom 16.00.

Release 16.01 (13.11.2017)



  • EULA must now be accepted every time in order to log into the admin web UI
  • Added Yealink W52P DECT System interoperability & integration

Desktop Client

  • Jabra 9450 base stations no longer ring on outbound calls.
  • Defect files resulting from erroneous file transfers are now deleted.
  • Client now remembers the last selected folder for file transfers and faxes.
  • Popup notifications are now movable i.e. draggable
  • The client displays a popup notification to choose a new download folder, should the previous folder no longer be available.
  • Fixed issue relating to displaying the initial call duration.
  • Automatic headset detection can now be deactivated in the phone settings menu.
  • Fixed display issues on Windows operating systems.
  • Support information are now saved per default in the downloads folder.
  • Client logins possible despite the presence of a configured HTTP proxy.
  • Fixed contact list display settings save issues, i.e. settings now correctly saved.
  • Ringtone playback ceases to ring once the settings menu has been left.
  • Fixed issue with held calls in conjunction with a Jabra Headset, i.e. calls are no longer disconnected after retrieval / unholding.
  • Time display in the search results now has the correct format.
  • If a user defined ringtone is no longer findable, the “Electronic” ringtone is selected as a fallback.
  • Improved outlook connector number resolution for numerous phone number formats.
  • Outlook contacts search results no longer display as empty after changes.
  • Languages now listed alphabetically in the settings dropdown menu.
  • PIN can now be changed within the client.
  • Callback notification is now displayed in every contact list view.
  • Improved call notification popup display clarity particularly in connection calls with multiple call labels attached.
  • Pickup notifications also now display call labels.
  • Call Action Applications can now be entered with UNC paths under Windows.
  • Call details can now be copied via right click from the call history entry.
  • Improved localisations.

Classic Client (pre pascom 16)

  • Fixed FollowMe system, allowing classic client users to control their follow me configurations

Release 16.00 (19.09.2017)


Complete New Desktop Client


  • Update to Asterisk 11.6 cert 17 because of RTPBleed security issue


  • Fixed problem with user Imports via the Connector in combination with Softphones
  • Improved fax server stability