mobydick 7.13

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Release 07.13.06

Bugfix Release, Published: 24.08.2017


md-cmd 7.13.06

  • By an Intercom Annoucement, the alert info notification will now only be sent once
  • Fixed update problem stemming from especially long base configuration file names
  • Updated trunk templates - standard values and name suggestions for outbound rules are now more relevant
  • Added Trunk Template for Vodafone SIP trunks
  • Added update to QSC SIP provider trunk template
  • Added “Colt” SIP provider trunk template
  • A user with “PBX Manager” Web UI permissions can no longer change system admin passwords
  • Fixed rarely occurring problem with Gateway IP assignment by the DHCP server
  • Verified support for Snom D712
  • If Music on Hold (MoH) is used in a Queue, this will now be displayed
  • NEw Timeouts for analog fax devices connected on a beroNet Gateway: Interdigit timeout initial: 15, Interdigit timeout: 3
  • Improved localisations
  • /etc/essex/passwd is now included in database backups
  • Deprecated and removed prompts “mdc-pw-input” will now be replaced by a beep
  • Logos for various trunk templates will now be correctly displayed
  • Should an incorrect (i.e. not supported) MAC Address is entered when adding an endpoint, a corresponding error message will now be displayed
  • Editing a call group via the “used in” tab, no longer results in an error occurring
  • The IP of an already in operation beroNet box can now be changed (Note: this does not change the actual IP, but only the database value!)
  • When adding a Team, the team type is now set to “Queue” as default.
  • An invalid call forwarding destination no longer results in an error when upon activation

md-client 3.08.05

  • The telephone PIN can once again be changed via the client

ex-mobydick 2.12.05

  • Log files in /var/log/mobydick/provisioning will now be rotated
  • Removed boot snmpd error messages
  • safe_asterisk.log now contains a time stamp

cs-controller 1.00.06

  • Container status will no be more reliably displayed
  • “Container automatic start” option is now correctly implemented when restarting the cloudstack

Release 07.13.05

Bugfix Release, Published: 23.05.2017

Important Notice to this Update:
With this update, it will no longer be possible to directly restore a mobydick 6 Database Export. Consequently, a LTS version must be first be installed. Once successfully done, the system can be updated to the desired version as normal.


md-cmd 7.13.05

  • SMTP AUTH in combination with Exchange365 or Server with a DNS Alias now functions correctly
  • Updated Fritz!Box Trunk template
  • Updated Peoplefone Trunk template
  • Updated M-Net Trunk template
  • Fixed issue with adding beroNet CAPI devices
  • Fixed incorrect forwarding within the TRC040747 “Provisioniongs URLs”
  • Fixed problem with inbound rules which occurred under certain configurations
  • Fixed the rarely occurring inbound rule and the fallback extension problem.
  • Fixed issue with the REST Interface for telephone books returning an incorrect Telephone book entry type.
  • Fixed the issue with the English Excel Template for importing telephone books
  • Fixed the Time Stamp display for inbound faxes
  • Removed no longer supported feature: “6-to-7”
  • Changing the Admin password now requires the password to be entered again as confirmation
  • Improved localisations
  • Mail-to-Fax now works using +49 as well as 0049 number formats
  • Fixed problem that caused Yealink T49Gs to try to restart after a transfer
  • Should Umlauts (ü,ö,ä etc) be removed from the login name when importing users via the connector, a warning will be writen in the Log

md-updater 1.13.03

  • Corrected texts

md-client 3.08.04

  • If an Agent changes their pause reason, this will now be correctly updated for the other Agents
  • A “pinned” active call window now appears immediately when the client is the active window
  • The “Click-to-Dial” shortcut will no longer be displayed within Linux desktop clients as this feature is not supported under this platform
  • It is possible to once again answer directly from the Chat notification popup.
  • Improved 3-way-conferencing behaviour with the pascom softphone

md-xmppserver 2.12.02

  • Fixed seldom occuring error regarding queue actions when applying Telephony configurations

md-xmppd 2.10.02

  • Fixed problem with phone number resolution stemming from certain configuration setups

cs-controller 1.00.05

  • Containers will no longer be started in Debug Mode per default. This improves instance performance and produces fewer Log tasks
  • Fixed rarely occuring problem whereby the Controller is not automatically started after a complete system restart.
  • Fixed container start issue when the system does not have an internet connection
  • Time stamp for Container Backups now correclty displayed
  • If a backup within a different Interface configuration is restored, the “new old” settings will now be correctly displayed within the web UI
  • Improved Login Mask behavioural logic.

Release 07.13.04

Bugfix Release, Published: 02.03.2017


md-cmd 7.13.04

  • Updated M-Net Provider Trunk Template
  • Fixed the issues relating to updating from much older versions
  • Resolved the Provisioning URL display problem for when the device is not AutoProvisioning compatible
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally overwrite the Admin User when importing via the connector
  • An “Invalid Default Gateway” error message will now appear in the Web-UI should the defaul gateway be incorrectly configured (none, 2 or more gateways)

md-updater 1.13.03

  • When updating from version 7.11 or earlier, the licence will now be correctly updated

cs-controller 1.00.04

  • More reliable container name validation

Release 07.13.03

Bugfix Release, Published: 09.02.2017


md-cmd 7.13.03

  • Improved Telekom Trunk Template
  • Missing migration scripts are automatically actualised upon updating
  • Removed numerous outdated German Prompts
  • Made numerous previously read only system settings editable
  • Removed numerous no longer required system settings
  • The device list now displays a larger distinction between “External Devices” and “Mobile Devices via Mobile Hub” endpoints
  • Device specific provisioning URLs can now be displayed in standard installations
  • If the the default password “mobydick” is used, a warning notification appears after login
  • The default call origination in Action templates is now set to “External” as opposed to “Internal”
  • Improved language localisations

md-client 3.08.03

  • Integrated Windows support for HiDPI/4k monitors with a UI scaling larger than 100%
  • Resolved Unexpected Closure problems with certain FlexPanels
  • SIP Provider templates now allow separate Auth-User and Account Usernames to be configured
  • Fixed umlaut (ü,ö,ä etc) display problems in the voicemail list

md-xmpp 2.10.01

  • The Journal cleanup task now also cleans the Phonecallrecords

ex-mobydick 2.12.03

  • Fixed seldom occuring ISO backup generation bug
  • Resolved search issue relating to non ASCII characters within LDAP service
  • Increased LDAP SSSVLV-Limits, improving compatibility with Snom M700 DECT systems
  • Integrated “sngrep” SIP Debugging tool

cs-controller 1.00.03

  • Admin passwords can now be changed via the GUI
  • Resolved the seldom occuring installation error relating to certain Hard Disk sizes
  • Containers can now be deleted including backups
  • Container names are now only permitted with the same characters as in domain names

cs-proxy 1.00.03

  • The /etc/network/interfaces file can now be fully manually edited according to requirements
  • Resolved erroneous call disconnect after ca, 15 minutes
  • Fixed issue relating to transferring calls on Snom telephones
  • Increased network interface start up reliability when starting a Proxy

cs-postresql 1.00.01

  • Resolved the seldom occuring installation error

cs-host 1.00.03

  • Improved installation error reporting

Release 07.13.02

Bugfix Release, Published: 02.12.2016


md-cmd 7.13.02

  • The “Quick Device Commissioning” via *88 has been removed
  • Improved generation of Trunk SIP Register strings. By certain configuration setups involving Deutsche Telekom or Equada Trunks, this may require a reconfiguration.
  • It is now possible to change pause reasons in the PUI XML menuin addition to ending pauses / unpausing.
  • More reliable update from older Yealink base configurations to the newer template based provisioning
  • Further work arounds for Snom M700 incoming call name resolution.
  • Users with “Phonebook Manager” permissions are no longer able to access open jobs
  • The global search function has been disabled for users with the “Phonebook Manager” permissions
  • When an endpoint is added to a cloudstack instance, the DHCP configurations are no longer unnecessarily applied
  • Increased the stability of endpoint secure provisioning URL generation
  • Securing provisioning URLs can now be generated for Gateways within a cloudstack PBX instance
  • Fixed overlap issue affecting some menues and text editors
  • Improved work flow when an incorrect PIN is entered in a telephones XML menu
  • Added cloudstack instances support for Snom M700
  • Resolved problems relating to Icinga Database checks in combination with passwords containing certain characters

md-client 3.08.02

  • Update to JRE 8u112
  • More stable Outlook address book synchronisation

md-tapi 2.04.02

  • Increased TAPI interface setup timeout to 3 seconds.
  • The TAPI interface now also registers additional Line Address Capabilities, increasing the compatibility with various ERP systems

cs-controller 1.00.02

  • Older, no longer required images can now be deleted
  • The REST-API is now also accessible via Basic-Auth
  • Improved container name validation. Capital letters are no longer permitted

cs-proxy 1.00.02

  • Improved restart stability when configuring a dedicated interface

md-firmware 2.12.02

  • Kernel Fix for CVE-2016-5195 “Dirty Cow”
  • Offline update works again
  • Asterisk Version updated to 11.6-cert15
  • Diverse Bugfixes

Release 07.13.01

Bugfix Release, Published: 29.09.2016


md-cmd 7.13.01

  • Auerswald are now supplied with a correct Firmware update URL
  • LDAP Requests from Auerswald Devices now function on devices with Firmware 2.6 onwards
  • Roaming via *44 now works with Auerswald Telephones
  • Fixed issue relating to the number matching for numbers with + incoming rules and destination *
  • Improved language localisations
  • Repaired the CPU Load indicator on the overview page
  • Resolved the issue with editing objects in Internet Explorer (particularly Edge)
  • Fixed the update problem with tariff modules within the billing module
  • Fixed the problem relating Icinga Database Checks in combination with passwords containing a comma (,)
  • Resolved the Snom M700 DECT system provisioning problem within the mobydick cloudstack

md-xmppd 2.10.01

  • Internal modifications

md-xmppserver 2.12.01

  • Internal modifications

md-client 3.08.01

  • Updated Help URLs

md-tapi 2.04.01

  • Updated Help URLs

md-updater 1.13.01

  • Updated Help URLs
  • Fixed the problem with offline updates

md-firmware 2.12.01

  • Internal modifications

cs-host 1.00.01

  • Improved installation setup assistant
  • Maximum number of open files has been increased to 100,000

cs-controller 1.00.01

  • Improved Session Timeout behaviour for logged in Administrators

cs-proxy 1.00.01

  • Fixed the problem relating to false IPs in combination with various NAT scenarios

Release 07.13.00

Feature Release, Openstage / Optipoint Telephones, Template based basic configurations for Snom, Yealink, Mitel/Aastra, mobydick cloudstack and Cloud Solution, Published: 06.09.2016

Important Notice:
mobydick 7.11 will become the official LTS Version
With the release of mobydick 7.13 we have added an additional Update Channel. Alongside the Stable and Current versions, a LTS (Long Term Supprt) version is now available - making mobydick 7.11 the official LTS version. In particular, customers who still use Junghanns cards should change their update channel to LTS in

mobydick 7.13 Release Keynote

In der mobydick 7.13 Keynote zeigt Ihnen Mathias und Quirin Pasquay alle Highlights der aktuellen mobydick 7.13 Release und präsentieren Ihnen als Premiere den mobydick cloudstack.

mobydick Modifications

md-cmd 7.13.00

  • New Feature: Support for Siemens OpenStage / Optipoint Telephones
  • New Feature: Template based base configuration for Snom, Yealink and Mitel/Aastra phones
  • New Feature: The Snom M700 DECT Gateway basic configuration can now be individually modified
  • New basic configurations for all support telephones (Snom, Yealink, Mitel/Aastra, Auerswald, Siemens)
  • New Feature: Differences between basic configuration sets for the same phone type can now be displayed
  • IBB and XMPP-Domain-settings will now be correctly set upon restarting the XMPP server
  • The directoy /var/log/jobs will now regularly be cleaned up
  • Yealink Telephones will now be controlled remotely using SIP messaging as opposed to HTTP Requests - this is designed to improve the compatibility of Homeoffice / VPN scenarios.
  • The login window language will now be set according the browser language.
  • Improved English localisations

md-xmppd 2.10.00

  • Internal code modifications
  • cloudstack compatibility

md-xmppserver 2.12.00

  • cloudstack compatibility

md-client 3.08.00

  • cloudstack compatibility
  • The integrated Softphone now controls SRTP and SIP via TLS

md-sound 1.02.00

  • Internal modifications

md-snom-data 3.09.00

  • Internal modifications

md-tapi 2.04.00

  • cloudstack compatibility

md-updater 1.13.00

  • Internal modifications

md-firmware 2.12.00

  • cloudstack compatibility

cloudstack Modifications

cs-host 1.00.00

  • Initial release

cs-postgresql 1.00.00

  • Initial release

cs-controller 1.00.00

  • Initial release
  • mobydick Container management
  • Session Border Controller (SBC) / Proxy management
  • Manual Update via ISO file
  • New web UI simpler, more admin friendly management of multiple mobydick or SBC instances

cs-proxy 1.00.00

  • Initial release
  • Support for SIP-UDP and SIP-TLS
  • Support for SRTP
  • Support for more secure device provisioning over the internet
  • HTTPS-Support
  • Session Border Controller (SBC) integrated.