mobydick 7.14

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Release 07.14.00

Feature Release: published 06.04.2017
- AutoProvisioning for Grandstream GXP Telephones
- AutoProvisioning for Grandstream HT701 and HT802 Analog Adapters
- Built in support for Cisco SPA112 for classic on-premise phone system solutions
- Integrated DATEV Telephony within the UC desktop client
- Implemented UC desktop client UI facelift - Implemented User defined FollowMe System - user endpoint ringing times and ringing sequences can now be optionally managed by end users
- Expanded visible call specific details within the desktop UC client. - Improved Call Label integration within the desktop client
- Telephone book entries can now be assigned with labels

Important Notice to this Update:
- 32bit support has been discontinued. Compatible systems will be automatically be updated to 64bit
- Updated versioning control: All subcomponents are now identified with the main version number. - XML / PUI-Menus on Grandstream GXV Android IP phones are currently not supported.
- Auto Provisioning from Cisco SPA112 will NOT be supported within the cloudstack
- Per default, endpoint firmware will no longer be included as standard. Should a Telephone / Gateway firmware update need to be rolled out, the firmware must be manually uploaded beforehand



  • AutoProvisioning for Grandstream GXP Telephones and Analog Adapter
  • Support for Cisco SPA112
  • Added new standard MoH (Music on Hold)
  • Fixed the issue relating to callbacks from within a voicemail box that involved a preceeding 0
  • Revised settings dialog for device timeout when assigning to endpoints to locations or users
  • Device firmware has been removed
  • Assigning devices to a location is no longer possible should assignment only be available for direct assignment.
  • Telephone book entry call labels can now be assigned via a Connector import


  • Implemented numerous user-friendliness UI optimizations
  • Enhanced, more detailed call specific information is now available: Phonebook entry, call labels, call recordings, previous calls etc.
  • Viewing historical call label information is now possible directly in the client journal as well as within the expanded details view
  • Implemented User defined FollowMe System - user endpoint ringing times and endpoint sequencing can now be optionally managed by end users
  • Integration of data sync with DATEV Arbeitsplatz pro, should this be installed
  • Enabled telephone book entry call label assignements for users (must be assigned with a minimum of phonebook manager access permissions)


  • Integrated traceroute


  • Integrated traceroute


  • Integrated Openfire Version 4.0.4


  • 32bit support has been discontinued
  • Improved LDAP services search accuracy to include results with umlauts (ä.ö,ü etc)
  • Asterisk now permits UDP as well as TCP connections