Backup and Restore


Our VoIP Software can perform a full system backup while the system is running. The pascom IP PBX first creates a snapshot of the file system and then uses it to create a bootable ISO file.

This file can then be copied to another system either automatically or manually. If a system needs to be restored in case of disaster, the ISO can be burned onto a CD/DVD or saved onto a USB stick, which can be booted. Alternatively, the ISO can directly be mounted and booted in a virtual machine. The backup allows the user to either use a live disc or to recover a system by copying it to the hard disk. The most recently created ISO will always remain available on the pascom system. The boot menu allows you to start from the normal hard disk as well as directly from the backup ISO image, which can be used to as a restore. This can be useful if, for example, all user accounts were accidentally deleted and a working system is needed again.

In addition, pascom phone systems can also periodically perform a database backup allowing you to maintain multiple generations of backups of your local storage disks. These backups can be used for restore purposes directly via the pascom Web UI as well as being downloaded and later imported into a different (or the same) Appliance.


Full System Backups

Manually creating a backup

To create a backup using the web interface, select Appliance > Backup > Entire system`.

To avoid an overly large ISO file, individual components can be excluded from the backup:

Parameter Description
exclude voicemail All voice messages stored on the system will not be saved. In most cases, voice messages are sent via e-mail anyway and only a copy remains on the system.
exclude records All records, whether created manually or automatically, will not be saved.
exclude received faxes All fax messages stored on the system will not be saved. In most cases, faxes are sent via e-mail anyway and only a copy remains on the system.
exclude log files All log files produced by the pascom PBX will not be saved. This can also apply to log files that are needed for historical analysis. This selection does not apply to journal entries and chat archives..

Now select Start backup and the pascom PBX will create a task and execute it. When the task is completed successfully, the backup ISO can be found in the file /BACKUP/appliance.iso.

You can setup your pascom phone system so that the system automatically creates periodic backups. Prepare the backup using the same steps as if manually creating a backup and then press Automate.

The system will then suggest some predefined settings, according to your selected options when configuring a manual backup:

Settings Description Possible Values
Active Activate or deactivate the backup process
Parameter Here you can enter parameters to exclude Voicemails, Recordings, Faxes and Log Data. –skip-voicemail|–skip-recording|–skip-fax|–skip-log

The backup time is specified in ** crontab ** syntax. If you are not familiar with this, you can click on suggestions and use these to orientate yourself.

Retrieving a backup from the server

The most recently created backup is stored in /BACKUP/appliance.iso on the pascom Server. The most comfortable option is to use the Web UI in order to download the corresponding, most recent backup.

Only one Backup ISO is save on the pascom server. When generating a new file, the older file will be deleted.

Of course, you can also use SSH protocols to access the backup. If you use a UNIX operating system, please use the following command:

scp admin@IP_pascom_server:/BACKUP/appliance.iso .

Alternatively, on Windows systems WinSCP can be used as an alternative to copy the file to your system. Log on as the admin user.

Restoring a backup

To restore a pascom backup, please read the article Server Installation.

Database Backups

Manually Create a Database Backup

In order to create a database backup, go to the pascom Commander (web UI) and select the following menu options: Appliance > Backup > Database Backup.

Click on the Create button to create a new database backup.

This will give you the option of including additional file data from recordings, faxes and voicemails.

From pascom version 7.12 onwards, customized prompts and music on hold are automatically included in database backups as standard.

Select Perform. The pascom server will then add and execute a Job. As soon as the job has been successfully performed, the backup list will contain a new entry.

For database backup purposes, the cronjob set up during the system installation will be performed daily at 23.47. Should you wish to modify this to a different time frame, you can do so under Appliance > Cronjobs.

100 generations of the backup will be saved and should this number limit be reached the oldest backup will be deleted. The maximum number of backups can of course be changed. Simply search for maxbackups within the Web UI search box. This will take you to the system settings and you can edit the setting sys.mdc.backup.db.maxbackups. Change and save the value. The next databse backup will then take the new max number of backup generations into consideration.

pascom automatically creates database backups with the file name dbdumpXXXX.tgz. This backup will also be deleted upon reaching the max number of generations. Should you wish to keep this backup, you will need to rename the file. Simply select it and click on rename.

Database backups can be erroneous when the database is too large. Please contact our support in order to diagnose and resolve the cause issue.

Downloading Database Backups

From within the Database Backups list, it is possible to download any backup using the download link. Additionally, it is also possible to download backups using the ssh protocol as described above by full system backups. The backup archive is stored in the /BACKUP/dbdump directory.

Restoring Backups

Ìf the required database stand can be found within the backups list, simply select the desired backup and via the Action > Restore function, the backup restore mask will be opened.

In order to actually restore this backup, you will now need to confirm the action that you Really want to restore this database backup. Once the restore has been commpleted, you will need to log into the Web UI again. Before the backup is performed, the current stand of the database will per default also be backed up.

A previously downloaded database backup file can be imported into the same or a new pascom Appliance. Under Actions > Upload and Restoreyou can upload the database backup into your pascom phone system

Importing into an older pascom version is not possible. Should you import the database backup into a newer pascom phone system version, an automatic migration will be performed.