License Management

Add Licence

When is a pascom License Required?

You will need to import your license when:

  • You would like to upgrade your Virtual Community Edition to include your purchased phone system licenses
  • You are migrating your phone system to a new Virtual Machine or new hardware based server
  • The software maintenance period has been extended
  • You have purchased additional user licences or additional licensed options.

Where can I find my pascom license?

Your pascom licenses can be found within your my.pascom market place:

  • Login in to the market place
  • Click on licenses on the left hand side of the start page
  • Next click on the corresponding appliance, which will take you to an overview of your licenses
  • Click on the blue “License Contents” bar
  • Copy the text from within the box and add it to your pascom license portal

How to add pascom Licenses

Navigate to your pascom phone system admin interface (Commander) and log in. Under the home section, scroll down to and click on the License Overview menu option. pascom Home Screen

Click on:

  • Manage Licenses in order to go to
  • Enter License Code in order to enter the license code (which you have just copied from

pascom License Key

  • Click Activate license code to complete the process

  • Check for License Updates,in order to check whether a new license for your pascom phone system is available:

License is up-to-date