Updating pascom


This article only applies to commercial pascom customers. Community users will automatically receive updates from the current update channel and are not able to switch update channels!

There are currently 3 pascom Update Channels available

Update-Cannel Description
CURRENT The Current Channel contains the latest pascom release, including all the newest functions. Of course, these have been put through intensive tests, however this version has only been in productive operation within smaller user environments and for a shorter period of time.
STABLE Stable is the default setting for every pascom installation. By using the “Stable” Channel you will receive a pascom version which is recommended for productive systems. This will mean that the update will have been already been put into productive testing for at least 3 months prior to be released as “Stable” but therefore does not included the newest functions.
LTS LTS or Long Time Support was introduced as mobydick version 7.11 due to the fact that numerous underlying modifications were made in mobydick 7.12, which are no longer compatible with previous versions (for example switching from an installations packet licensing technology to using license keys or removing support for Junghanns ISDN cards).

Only process updates using the Update Tool!

Choose Update Channel

Before updating, please check your Update Channel under my.pascom.

Should you not have any login details, as a pascom customer you can create a new account free of charge at any time under my.pascom. You will need your e-mail address and your pascom System ID.

Log into the marketplace and click on licenses. Select the license that is to be edited and you will see an overview and the status of the Update Channel. Should the channel not be correct, click on Select Update Channel and choose your required channel.

Using the Updater

An update section is available within the pascom UI. There are a few options to reach the updater:

  • Via the web UI by clicking on the Service tab before logging on and then on Softwareupdate.
  • If you are already logged on, then select the Appliance menu and open the updater via Firmware/Software Update.
  • Alternatively, you can open the updater via the URL:


Finally, log in using your Admin user. After logging in, you will see an overview of the different packets which are all assigned with a status.

Status Description
green Packet is up to date
yellow A new version is available and can be installed
grey an additional packet is available and can also be installed
red The packet has not been installed correctly

Should no new packet information be displayed, it could be that your pascom does not have access to the update pool. In this case, check the Update pool network connection:
Community Version: community.pascom.net via Port TCP 80
Licensed Version: https://my.pascom.net Port TCP 443

Update Process

Clicking on Install Updates will start the update process. Next the new packets will be downloaded and installed. The process can be monitored directly in a browser window.

Do not close the browser during an update!

It may be necessary to run the update process several times, for example if the update mechanism itself needs to be updated. You will be notified as needed.


For the above described update processes, pascom requires an internet connection. Should an online update not be possible, (e.g. pascom is not permitted to communicate externally or an unstable internet connection) we also offer an offline updates process.

Offline updates packets are individual according to pascom server. Using an update packet intended for a different pascom server will lead to problems!

Log into the my.pascom and select the license for the system by which the offline update should be processed.

Updater Updates

Should you still be operating a mobydick Version 7.00 to 7.09, the updater will need to be updated. Click on Download Current Updater within the mobydick updater, click on the Upload tab and upload the Updater packet and following the on-screen instructions.

pascom Updates

Under my.pascom, download either Offline Update packet. According to your installation, please choose either the 32 or 64 Bit packet.

Upload the Offline Update packet in the upload field and follow the onscreen instructions.