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Use the pascom Client conference tools for more effective collaboration with your colleagues and customers

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Conferences are an important part of today’s business world. Discuss topics with your colleagues or customers in virtual conference rooms. Meetings with multiple participants have never been easier than with the pascom client.

What is required?

To make conferences in the pascom client, you need a pascom group. Use the following Tutorial to create a pascom group.

Conference with colleagues

  1. Create a pascom group e.g. virtual conference room or meeting room. You can also use existing pascom groups that you have already created.

Conference with customers

  1. Create a pascom group e.g. virtual conference room or meeting room. Additionally activate the guest mode of the pascom group so that you receive a dial-in number and PIN for your customers.

  2. Pass on the dial-in data to your customers to invite them.

The group lights up green

A pascom group starts to light up green when there is an active conference or when there are participants in the conference. If all participants leave the group, the signaling stops.

Active Conference in a pascom Group Active Conference in a pascom Group

Audio conference with your colleagues

To start or join a conference, call the group by clicking on the . You are now logged in to the group’s conference room.

Active conference with colleagues Active conference with colleagues

You now have all functions at your disposal, which you should already know from the tutorials for the Video- und Screensharing-Tools or the telephony functions.

Video - Screensharing conference with your colleagues

If you are in an active conference, you can activate the video functionality as well as the screen sharing via the dial field.

Please note, as soon as you switch on Video or Screensharing in a conference, all participants can see your video or screen content.

Active Video conference with colleagues Active Video conference with colleagues

  1. Hold such great meetings or presentations by using the screen sharing function and video function.

The Screensharing function can only be used by one participant at a time. Usually this is the presenter or moderator of the conference.

Audio conference with your customers

An audio conference with your customers works just like with your colleagues. External participants join your group via the Guest mode and can join the conference in this way.

Active video conference with external participants Active video conference with external participants

External participants cannot see your chat history in an audio conference.

Video,- Screensharing conference with your customers

To bring the visual aspect into a conference with your customers, you need to start a web conference. How to create an online conference in connection with the pascom Web Client is explained in this Tutorial.