Mobile App Energy Optimisation Settings

In order to ensure that the pascom mobile app for Android is able to reliably receive messages and calls whilst running in the background, the app’s battery optimisation settings must be switched off.

pascom Mobile App Energy Optimisation Notification

When you start the pascom mobile app, the following notification may appear across the top of the client.

pascom energy optimisation notification

Message: - pascom App battery optimisation is enabled

The Solution

Click Details link within the notification in order to open the following screen:

pascom energy optimisation notification details

By pressing the button, the pascom app will automatically adjust the apps battery optimisation settings in order to ensure maximum performance. In order to proceed and allow the changes, you must press Allow.

pascom App battery usage optimisation

The pascom app includes a dedicated power management function in order to optimise and regulate battery consumption. By making the above changes, the reliable, real-time receipt of calls and messages is ensured.

Manually Disable Energy Saving

You can also manually disable energy saving settings for the pascom app. To do this, go to apps settings menu on your smartphone and search for the pascom Client.

Deactivate pascom battery optimisation

Tap the icon in order to disable the Optimise battery usage within the next screen. Note, you may need to select All Apps from the drop down list.

Deactivate pascom battery optimization