Users from Univention (UCS)

Synchronisieren und Authentifizieren Sie Ihre Benutzer gegen den Univention Server

Univention Server


The Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is a Debian based server with an integrated management system designed for the central and cross platform management of servers, services, desktops and users. Further information can be found here.

By using the pascom UCS Connector, it is possible to import and sync users. In addition, the connector enables the authentication of pascom phone system users to be performed by your UCS solution.



Install the pascom App on your UCS

Before users can be exported from UCS and imported into your pascom phone system, you will need to install the pascom app from the UCS app center and configure a few settings. Top download the app, log into your UCS server web UI and go to the menu option > .

Using the search function, search for the app called mobydick which you can download and install.

Add a UCS Computer for pascom

Once the app has been installed, the pascom server must be added as a computer within UCS which can be done via > . A pop-up window will now appear. Under the point Computers: Windows Workstation/Server select the type Computer:Linux and click on next. In the next window, you will need to enter a computer name (e.g. pascom) which will also then be used later in order to authenticate itself with UCS. The other fields are optional.

Select your newly added server from the Computer list and under you need only to add a password and confirm it by repeating it. This password will also be used later for the pascom UCS authentication process.

Enable UCS user for pascom

Users already added within UCS will not be automatically imported into your pascom solution. Within the user settings field under Advanced Settings each individual user will need to be added by checking the box enabling access to mobydick / pascom.

Add Connector Profile for UCS

To create a new connector profile, log into the pascom phone system Web UI and via > click on .

Select the UCS User Sync template and enter the following data:

Field Description
Name Connector profile name
AD Domain UCS Domain e.g. mydomain.intranet
AD Server Host Server IP or DNS-Name
Username and Password Username and password for the previously added pascom Computer
Authentication NO: Users will be imported and authenticated by the pascom PBX
YES: Users will be imported and can be authenticated against the UCS server. In this case, the authentication will be setup and you can adjust it according to requirements under > under the tab .

After saving the template can be modified to requirements under the tab .

User Fields in UCS

UCS pascom Description
General > user login name Login Name The login name is used to all logins and may only contain non-capitals. Mandatory field.
General > Display Name Display Name The display name appears in all telephone displays and in the pascom client. Mandatory field
General > Forename Forename User’s forename for the pascom telephone book entry.
General > Surname Surname User’s surname for the pascom telephone book.
General > Primary e-mail address E-mail User e-mail address. Required for sending Voicemails and faxes.
Contact > Phone number Extension Internal user extension. If this is not managed in UCS / AD, pascom phone systems will automatically assign the next available extension from the extension pool.
Contact > Telephone number home Private home telephone User’s home telephone number for the pascom Telephone book entry.
Contact > Telephone number mobile Mobile User’s mobile phone number for the pascom telephone book entry.

In reality the fields are just suggestions within the template. It is possible to add and remove fields or complete modify the import structure according to your needs.

Test and Activate Imports

Once you are finished with the configurations, you will be able to test which data sets will be imported by using the button. If you are satisfied with the results, then can either run the import once as a one-off e > or via using the automate button you will be able to configure a regular automated import.

Test Authentication

Should you have selected YES under the Configure Authentication within the template, you can test the authentication process by navigating to > and using the button under the menu tab which will then test your user authentication functions correctly.

Optional Modifications

Do you want to make changes to source variables or the Connector structure? Then follow the links below to the appropriate instructions:

[Variable Assignment]( )
[Variables structure]( )

Assign IP-Telephones

It is possible to directly assign IP telephones to users via the CSV import.

If you wish to assign the user a pascom softphone, then no further variables need to be added to the pascom Connector.

Assign IP telephone via MAC address:

In your CSV file, add the columns “phonemac” and “phoneip”, in which you can then enter the MAC and IP addresses of the desired IP telephones.

This will automatically assign the imported users with the corresponding IP telephones.