pascom ONE - Subscription

Useful information about upgrading, downgrading and canceling your pascom Cloud subscription.

Upgrade pascom Cloud Subscription.

Every pascom subscription starts in a trial version and can be upgraded at any time during the trial period. Additionally, you can upgrade your pascom cloud subscription at any time during the minimum contract period. To do so, log in to the mypascom portal with your account data and click on the menu . There you will find an overview of your subscriptions. Click on the button at the corresponding pascom cloud PBX, which you want to upgrade.

In the details overview you will find the button .

pascom cloud Upgrade

In the following step you will get an overview of the services of the bookable licenses. Adjust the number of licenses via the plus and minus buttons, or enter the number of licenses required directly in the input field.

pascom cloud Upgrade

Benefits of the licenses explained

The product of the pascom cloud license is called pascom ONE and includes services which we explain below:

Leistung Beschreibung
Trunk lines Trunk lines (often known as sip lines) are the usable lines for incoming and outgoing calls
Endpoints Number of Endpoints that can be set up on the pascom telephone system
Phone numbers Number of phone numbers included in your subscription

Follow the store wizard to the final order overview and complete the purchase.

pascom cloud Upgrade done

Congratulations - your pascom cloud subscription has been upgraded and we welcome you to the world of pascom.

What do credits mean?

Credits is the name given to a credit balance that is created by the monthly billing period.


You decide to upgrade your subscription and are currently in the middle of the month. When you purchase an upgrade, you will be charged the designated billing amount, but will receive a credit for the period until the beginning of the month, in the form of credits. These credits will be used and charged for the next billing cycle.

Credits that have been credited cannot be paid out!

Downgrade pascom cloud subscription

Downgrading your pascom cloud subscription is not possible during the minimum contract period. You have the option to cancel your subscription and take out a new subscription following the minimum contract period.

Cancel pascom cloud subscription

You can cancel your pascom cloud subscription at any time via the mypascom portal. To do so, click on the button in the subscription management.

pascom cloud cancel

Your telephone system is still fully usable until the end of the minimum contract period. After the minimum contract period expires, the phone systems of cancelled subscriptions will be irrevocably deleted.

Please note: Make a backup of the telephone system in time before the minimum contract period expires to save all your data. It is not possible to restore your data after the minimum contract period has expired.