pascom ONE Porting

Cloud only

Useful information for porting your existing numbers to pascom

Port your phone numbers to pascom

If you want to port your existing phone numbers to pascom, that’s no problem. Benefit from a one-stop solution. We will submit a porting request to your existing provider and transfer your existing phone numbers to the pascom trunk.

  1. Please contact our sales team for porting your phone numbers.

Change call number signaling of pascom phone numbers (Clip no Screening)

In some cases it is necessary to change the call number signaling of the pascom phone number to your existing phone number, e.g. if the phone number is tied to a contract. Then you can use the feature Clip no Screening to make your pascom phone number look like your existing phone number to the outside.

You can find the pascom trunk on the admin interface under > .

After clicking Edit you will find the Outgoing calls tab. There you change the signaling for outgoing calls in the CIDNumber field to your existing phone number.

Call number signaling