pascom ONE Trail

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Useful help for the trail subscription of pascom ONE

Get started with pascom ONE - try it out for 30 days

You want to get a feel for your new telephone system first and upgrade your business communication with pascom ONE at your leisure. Then the trial version is ideal, because it can be fully tested and tried out for 3o days.

Set up a new pascom ONE telephone system

Via the mypascom portal you can create a new telephone system in the menu via the button . To do so, select the subscription “pascom ONE “ and start the trail phase of your new telephone system.

Follow the setup wizard to complete the setup. You will then find your new pascom ONE telephone system in your mypascom portal.

pascom ONE trial subscription

  1. when you set up your pascom ONE telephone system, a pascom phone number is generated and created at the same time.

pascom ONE trial phone number

Is it possible to choose a pascom test phone number?

The phone numbers in the pascom ONE Trail version are generated automatically and cannot be influenced. To choose phone numbers or to port your existing phone numbers, you need to upgrade the pascom ONE Trail subscription.

Is it possible to use multiple pascom phone numbers during the trial period?

The pascom ONE Trunk is limited to one phone number in the pascom ONE Trail version. To add more phone numbers or to port your existing phone numbers, you need to upgrade the pascom ONE Trail subscription.

In addition to the pascom ONE Trunk, you can use your existing provider in the telephone system. An overview of supported SIP providers can be found here.

What are the conditions for making calls during the 30-day trial period?

During the trial period you have the possibility to use a call credit of 100 Minutes for outgoing calls. Outgoing calls are limited to national landline and mobile calls in Germany. Once the call credit has been used up, no further outgoing calls are possible. In this case, you can upgrade your pascom ONE Trail subscription.

What happens after the 30-day trial period?

Once your trail subscription ends, your phone system will be deactivated. You will have the option to upgrade pascom ONE Trail Subscription within the 30-day trial period to continue using the pascom ONE phone system productively.

Please note: If you decide to upgrade the pascom Trail telephone system with a paid subscription at a later date, it will be reactivated. All your settings will then still be available.