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Overview of the pascom managed Provider Template from Vodafone

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Tariff in combination with pascom: Vodafone NGN Trunk

Since pascom 18.05, a trunk template for Vodafone NGN Trunks is available.

As the authentication to the Vodafone SIP server takes place via the your Internet connection IP address, configuring these trunks is only possible in a self hosted on-premise pascom phone system.

1. Your Account

After the purchase and activation of your Vodafone NGN trunk, you will receive a letter containing your account information. This document contains important information relating to your telephone connection:

Name Description Example
New number Phone number or number block for your telephone connection 0991/9881499 0..99
Extension length Number of extension digits should you have a number block 2 digital variables
SIP Username Telephony connection username XXXXXXXXX
SBC-IP IP address of the SBC which is only reachable via the telephone system IP.Enter the SBC IP from your access data here. (without leading 0s) XX.XXX.XXX.XXX
SIP Domain SIP Domain of the telephony connections pascom.ngn.vodafone.de
(For data proctection purposes exact numbers and data have been replaced with “X”)

2. Router preparation

Please note that SIP communication with the entered SBC is only possible from the phone system IP address. Should you use your pascom phone system inside your own network with a private IP address, please verify the necessary network settings on your firewall / router (NAT).

Inbound traffic from the Vodafone SBC must be forwarded onto the pascom phone system. For security reasons, the firewall rule should be exclusively limited to port 5060 UDP / 5061 TCP to port 5060 / 5061 of the phone system. Conversely, outbound traffic must be modified per NAT, as the Vodafone SBC only accepts data from the external IP from port 5060 / 5061 to port 5060 UDP / 5061 TCP of the connection. Finally, you must consider your phone system settings in terms of the range of RTP ports so that these packets are transmitted from the phone system via the firewall to the SBC.

Vodafone Port-Forwarding

3. Setup

Under > > , add a new Vodafone NGN trunk. This will take you to the Provider Database where you can filter directly for Vodafone and can choose from 3 different templates of the Vodafone NGN Trunk. Complete the template using the account data you received.

setup vodafone trunk

Variable Description
Title Enter a name for the trunk, which will then appear in the trunks overview list.
SIP username Use the username from your account credentials*(SIP Username)*.
SIP Domain Enter the SIP domain from your account info.
SBC-IP Enter the SBC IP from your account info.
Area code Enter the area code excluding the leading 0. In our example 991.
Line number The base number of the telephony connection excluding extensions. For example 9881499.
Prefix incoming number Any digit that should be attached to inbound calls received via this trunk. If you add 0 here, then it is possible that the call history on an IP phone displays 00172123123 instead of 0172123123. This enables the direct call back from the call history using this trunk.
Extension length Number of digits for user extensions (not the amount of numbers in the number block!)
Switchboard extension Enter the internal extension number to which calls from the first number of your number block (normally 0).


setup vodafone trunk

After pressing the trunk will be added.

4. Does your Trunk work?

To make sure that your data has been entered correctly and that the pascom PBX has successfully registered with your provider, click on the - on the at your trunk. Here you can see if the registration has worked. (registered).

trunk registered

5. activate pascom Outbound Proxy

For onsite telephony, the pascom Outbound Proxy is required for this provider. In the you will find the setting for which the Outbound Proxy should be activated.

activate pascom Outbound Proxy

6. Define your Call rules

The trunnk is established and successfully registered. As a final step, you define your incoming and outgoing call rules to set the call behavior of your pascom telephone system.

We explain how to set up call rules in the Call-Rules

Add an additional Vodafone NGN account

Should you wish to expand your Vodafone NGN connection with an additional account, enter this account to this trunk und the tab . As the base settings are the same, it is possible to use the already added account. Simply select it and click . In the new account line, you can now modify the username and host and other fields if necessary.

Now you will need to modify your inbound and outbound call rules. For outbound rules, you must now select which Account per rule should be used. To do this, scroll right and under the column select the appropriate account.