Increase Productivity and Enhance Collaboration

55 % of communication is visual and by adding the personal, visual element to virtual meetings whether 1-to-1 or as a video conference, businesses of all sizes can increase productivity, promote team work and improve communication between teams and users, no matter where they are - on the road, in the office, in HomeOffice, on your mobile or on your desktop.

pascom Video Conferencing devices

Simple, Hassle Free Video Conferencing

With pascom’s native video conferencing suite, starting a video conference from your desktop, mobile device or in a huddle room is as simple as clicking a button and there’s no need for any expensive video conferencing hardware or additional 3rd party software.

Native client for desktop and mobile
Avoid browser / plugin compatibility issues
Improve employee & team collaboration

pascom Video Conferencing desktop

Promote Meeting Effectiveness with Video

Whether a small business or larger enterprise, with pascom companies of all sizes, are now able to benefit from video conferencing as an advanced team collaboration and online meeting tool. Video conferencing adds the face-to-face element to both 1-to-1 and team business meetings enabling employees to build stronger relationships and pick up on visual clues to further enhance the collaboration experience and improve communication and the overall meeting effectiveness.

Improve communication and understanding
Increase face time with remote colleagues
Reduce business travel

pascom desktop screen sharing

Deliver Amazing Presentations with Screen Sharing

With pascom, delivering powerful presentations and explaining complicated topics with the help of visual aids is just a click away. The new screen sharing functionality is designed to promote your team collaboration and meeting effectiveness and is available on all devices and platforms to ensure that even remote workers can view shared presentations and share their own screens.

Boost and enhance online meeting productivity
Promote team and remote worker collaboration
Deliver in-depth presentations

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