Release 15.00

Feature Release:
- Exchange Address Book Imports and Synchronisation Function.

Should you have any questions please use the Community Forum.

Import notice regarding this update:
- pascom 15.00 is the official Current Version. mobydick 7.12 will remain as a stable version. mobydick 7.14 will no longer be supported.
- New versioning scheme: XX.YY - XX is the main version, YY referes to bug fix versions. - New brand name: pascom replaces mobydick as product name.



  • New Connector template for importing Microsoft Exchange address books
  • New “repeat simulation” button for the Connector Configuration.
  • Fixed Grandstream Gateway HT701 and HT802 problem.
  • New (Community-) Trunk Template for VoIP Provider Teledata.
  • Fixed issue relating to support for Snom M700 multi-cell sytems within the cloudstack.
  • Fixed Snom M700 system connectivity issues when TLS is activated.
  • Increased stability of Connector imports function.
  • Increased stability of calls via Mobile Hub


  • Improved language localisations.
  • Desktop client is now available in Italian.
  • Increased reliability of the DATEV master data cache sync.
  • Action URLs can not be opened from within the client when the URL contains a label variable.


  • Repaired “cs container list” command.
  • Fixed smaller UI Problems
  • The network interface for a proxy can now be selected from a drop down menu.


  • The “ssldump” and “tcpflow” tools are now available for debugging.
  • Quicker load speeds for Yealink Telephone PUI menus (XML menus) when TLS is active.
  • Operating system updated to Ubuntu 16.04


  • When the cloudstack is installed on a beroNet Appliance, mounted beroNet cards will be detected and can be connected.