Release 7.13.00

Feature Release, Openstage / Optipoint Telephones, Template based basic configurations for Snom, Yealink, Mitel/Aastra, mobydick cloudstack and Cloud Solution, Published: 06.09.2016

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Important Notice:
mobydick 7.11 will become the official LTS Version
With the release of mobydick 7.13 we have added an additional Update Channel. Alongside the Stable and Current versions, a LTS (Long Term Supprt) version is now available - making mobydick 7.11 the official LTS version. In particular, customers who still use Junghanns cards should change their update channel to LTS in

mobydick 7.13 Release Keynote

In der mobydick 7.13 Keynote zeigt Ihnen Mathias und Quirin Pasquay alle Highlights der aktuellen mobydick 7.13 Release und präsentieren Ihnen als Premiere den mobydick cloudstack.

mobydick Modifications

md-cmd 7.13.00

  • New Feature: Support for Siemens OpenStage / Optipoint Telephones
  • New Feature: Template based base configuration for Snom, Yealink and Mitel/Aastra phones
  • New Feature: The Snom M700 DECT Gateway basic configuration can now be individually modified
  • New basic configurations for all support telephones (Snom, Yealink, Mitel/Aastra, Auerswald, Siemens)
  • New Feature: Differences between basic configuration sets for the same phone type can now be displayed
  • IBB and XMPP-Domain-settings will now be correctly set upon restarting the XMPP server
  • The directoy /var/log/jobs will now regularly be cleaned up
  • Yealink Telephones will now be controlled remotely using SIP messaging as opposed to HTTP Requests - this is designed to improve the compatibility of Homeoffice / VPN scenarios.
  • The login window language will now be set according the browser language.
  • Improved English localisations

md-xmppd 2.10.00

  • Internal code modifications
  • cloudstack compatibility

md-xmppserver 2.12.00

  • cloudstack compatibility

md-client 3.08.00

  • cloudstack compatibility
  • The integrated Softphone now controls SRTP and SIP via TLS

md-sound 1.02.00

  • Internal modifications

md-snom-data 3.09.00

  • Internal modifications

md-tapi 2.04.00

  • cloudstack compatibility

md-updater 1.13.00

  • Internal modifications

md-firmware 2.12.00

  • cloudstack compatibility

cloudstack Modifications

cs-host 1.00.00

  • Initial release

cs-postgresql 1.00.00

  • Initial release

cs-controller 1.00.00

  • Initial release
  • mobydick Container management
  • Session Border Controller (SBC) / Proxy management
  • Manual Update via ISO file
  • New web UI simpler, more admin friendly management of multiple mobydick or SBC instances

cs-proxy 1.00.00

  • Initial release
  • Support for SIP-UDP and SIP-TLS
  • Support for SRTP
  • Support for more secure device provisioning over the internet
  • HTTPS-Support
  • Session Border Controller (SBC) integrated.