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Our on-premise IP PBX server solutions are fully featured and can be delivered preconfigured to your requirements.

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pascom IP PBX Server Hardware

Our phone systems are available on a range of specially optimised and tested servers. Simply unpack and connect your server and get phoning straight away thanks to our pre-installation and (upon request) pre-configuration services.

Optimize communication processes with clients, customers, suppliers, subsidiaries or colleagues. No matter which industry you work in, an IP PBX optimises how you work, making your life easier. With server options for all business sizes, from SOHO and SMEs right through to Larger Enterprise, our VoIP PBX server appliances provide the perfect platform on which to effortlessly connect your existing telephony hardware and phone lines.

Connecting Analog / ISDN endpoints is achieved simply by using ATA adapters, easing the switch from an analog to an IP phone system. In addition, alongside your desktop phones, why not also connect your PC, fax devices and Smartphones and simplify employee work flows as well as creating team mobility, all without having to change your existing phone numbers.

Want to be reachable on the go? Our on-premise PBX systems give you the ability put callers at ease thanks to customisable music on hold and prompts, AutoAttendants to automatically greet callers as well as ensuring you never miss a call again thanks to the one number concept as well as providing a complete call history.

No matter if you are a manufacturer, service provider, or retailer, our unified communication solutions support you in maintaining and boosting professionalism. Our team will be on hand every step of the way and upon request we will even assign you a dedicated account manager.

pascom VoIP Servers

pascom SMB Server

photo - pascom SMB Server

Our SMB Server Appliance is not only an "Out of the Box" All-IP ready telephony appliance, but also can be equipped with a combination of ISDN, Analog and GSM modules providing you with a single PBX platform to integrate all your communication technologies.

With only a 1U mounting and a choice of three RAM and Storage options, the appliance provides a cost effective, high performance phone system server, perfectly suited for larger telecommunication environments.


  • 19" Aluminium Server Housing
  • Solid State HDD
  • Fanless Cooling
  • Energy efficient 12V power - less than 20W power consumption
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • (optional) ISDN BRI(S0) / PRI(E1, S2M) up to 8 / 4 Ports
  • (optional) Analog up to 8 Ports
  • (optional) GSM up to 4 SIM cards
  • 1U, 25 cm mounting depth

pascom SOHO Server

Our SOHO Server provides an ideal solution for Small Office Home Office (SOHO) sized businesses or branch locations that require on-site telephony hardware.

The SOHO server is a VoIP only appliance. However, by using an ATA adapter, it is possible to connect analog endpoints such as fax devices to your SOHO IP PBX solution.


  • 1 GHz Dual Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB SSD
  • 3 Network Cards
  • Fanless
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 170 x 160 x 30 mm
photo - pascom SOHO Server

Connectivity Options for Every Scenario

VoIP Gateways

photo - beroNet Gateway for ISDN & Analog connections

The specialist Gateway vendors beroNet and Patton offer a range of Gateways for any conceivable use case. Integrate your existing ISDN, analog and GSM connections and endpoints seamlessly into your modern VoIP infrastructure.

ISDN & Analog Cards

beroNet PCI-E cards are true all-rounders, thanks their innovative construction which ensures they can be fitted with two different modules enabling you a greater, more flexible range of connectivity options. The following connectivity options are available:

  • 4 Port BRI/S0 ISDN module
  • 1 Port E1/PRI Primary Multiplex module
  • 2 Port E1/PRI Primary Multiplex module
  • 4 Port FXO Analog module (for analog trunk connections)
  • 4 Port FXS Analog module (for analog end points)
  • 2 Port BRI/SO and 2 Port FXS module - Hybrid module for 2 ISDN connections and 2 analog end points
  • 2 Port GSM module for 2 SIM cards

Such flexibility ensures that we are able to find the optimal, yet cost effective solution to meet your telecommunication needs.

photo - beroNet ISDN & Analog cards and module options

60+ Business Features

No matter what your requirements are, our on-premise IP PBX solutions have the features your business needs to overcome the challenges of the modern business world. From classic PBX functionality such as IVR menus & AutoAttendants through to Unified Communications, mobility and advanced Call / Contact Center solutions - making pascom phone systems the all in one solution.

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