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pascom phone systems are available to download as a finished ISO file inclusive of a VM optimised Linux Kernel which has been extensively tried & tested to ensure complete support for all leading virtualization environments.


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Run pascom as a Virtual PBX

Our VoIP software is optimized for deployment as a virtual PBX, which can be easily, and with minimal effort, integrated into your existing virtual infrastructure. Simply download our phone system ISO file, install it into your existing virtual environment and set up your PBX and get your users phoning. You can also still use your existing endpoint hardware.

Realise considerable hardware, energy and maintenance cost savings, a virtual phone system also benefits from increased availability and redundancy. Live migration, high availability and effective resource utilization and management all ensure that your virtual phone system can be simply and effortlessly transferred from one machine to another, equipped with more resources and protected against costly downtime.

In addition, we deliver all the necessary drivers, libraries and tools required to ensure you are able to take full advantage of your virtual environment. Use it with VMware, HyperV, PBX, Xen or KVM, simply choose your preferred provider.

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Compatible Virtualization Environments

Our virtual phone systems provide businesses with a complete PBX with all necessary features. pascom Virtual PBX solutions are compatible with all leading virtualization environments including VMware, HyperV, Xen and KVM.

Your pascom Virtual PBX

pascom virtual phone systems provide a dedicated PBX solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing virtualization infrastructure. This provides full control over your virtual PBX - from the virtual environment deployed right down to choosing your preferred VoIP provider that best suits your business needs.

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Fully Featured PBX

pascom's virtual PBX solutions not only offer greater cost savings through virtualization. Your business will be able to benefit from greater productivity thanks to our feature rich, user friendly Unified Communications suite combined with the seamless integration between your PBX and your business processes and applications.

ISDN, Analog, GSM Integration

Fax Devices, ISDN Connections, Analog Endpoints as well as GSM connections can be simply integrated to a pascom virtual PBX. Integrate a Patton or beroNet Gateway into your solution and benefit from seamless connectivity to various technologies as the Gateway handles the communication translations to SIP. In particular, the modular VoIP Gateways from beroNet offer incredible flexibility to fit any use case scenario, especially as when operated with mixed technologies (2 modules per Gateway).

Image - beroNet Gateway

Install your Virtual PBX

Our phone system software is developed as an appliance - OS, kernel drivers and clients all rolled into one packet which can be downloaded as a bootable ISO file. As virtual infrastructures do not have an actual CD/DVD drives, the ISO file can be used instead. Simply mount the ISO file in your VM and the software can be installed in the same way that you’re used to and you can start customising your PBX to your needs.

60+ Business Features

No matter what your requirements are, pascom virtual phone systems have the features your business needs to overcome the challenges of the modern business world. From classic PBX functionality (IVR menus & AutoAttendants..) through to Unified Communications, mobility and advanced Call / Contact Center solutions - pascom offer all you need in one complete solution.

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