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20 September 2018 | 14.00 CEST

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pascom 18 Release

The pascom 18 release is one of the most significant pascom VoIP phone systems innovations leap in recent years.

With pascom 18, your business will benefit from a fully integrated ALL IP solution, which seamlessly combines all your multi-channel business communications in one platform. Barrier free employee connectivity and collaboration is therefore ensured: for Voice, Instant Messaging and File Sharing.

pascom 18's comprehensive Unified Communications (UC) suite delivers significant company productivity increases and drives business communication efficiency.

Img - pascom mobile UC

New with pascom 18

Even more Performance at Even Fairer Prices

pascom 18 delivers a bundle of customer-friendly innovations combined with a host of technical upgrades, which expand system functionality and further enhance the usability and performance of your Business Communications. As if this wasn't reason enough, with the new "Concurrent User" licence model, pascom now offers the fairest licence model available in the VoIP sector.

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pascom 18 Keynote Highligths:


Secure mobility:
unrestricted mobile connectivity

With pascom 18, we've taken the Session Border Controller from our multi-instance cloudstack and packed it into each and every pascom phone system. That means that we are now able to offer the full functionality of our mobile VoIP clients to all our customers, no matter whether their phone system is in the cloud or on-premise.

The result, pascom 18 delivers even greater mobility and guarantees anywhere, anytime connectivity for mobile users - everywhere, on-premise or in the cloud. The transfer of data is 100 % encrypted, in turn ensuring the highest levels of security.

pascom 18 delivers secure, continuous Business Communications – even on the go

  • 100% encryption – thanks to the Session Border Controller, pascom 18 offers even greater security for all data traffic (voice calls and IMs etc).
  • Everywhere mobile availability - the arrival of pascom 18 ensures that all pascom customers benefit from the complete mobile app functionality, no matter their installation choice - in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Hassle free remote working - pascom 18 also guarantees that remote connectivity can be provider without requiring any VPN infrastructures thus making incorporating remote offices and mobile workers simpler than ever before.

Profit from a fair and transparent licensing model. With the "Concurrent User" licence model (simultaneous users) you will only pay for for is actually being used, adding further value to pascom VoIP solutions:

  • Unlimited users, meaning any number of employees can flexibly occupy the available licences.
  • As a rule of thumb, the number of required licences is less than the number of employees.
  • Inbound calls will always be accepted, regardless of the actual licence availability.
  • Unused licences are immediately made available.
  • Simultaneous use of mobile and desktop applications only requires a single licence per employee.
  • Rarely used connections (e.g. fax devices & conference rooms) only occupy a licence when they are actively in use.

The choice is yours: pascom 18 can be installed and run in a variety of ways: in the cloud as a pascom hosted solution or as a self hosted solution in the form of a classic hardware appliance, a virtual machine utilising existing VM infrastructures or with as a 3rd party hosted solution (e.g. in AWS).

Regardless of your chosen option: the functionality remains the same and all supported endpoints / clients can be integrated. Get started straight away by using the in-built softphone, without the need for traditional desktop telephones.

Choose the pascom hosted cloud phone system, and we will take care of the hosting for you - free of charge. You can get started within minutes without any installation hassle or any additional hardware being required.

Alternatively, if you prefer to pascom as a self-hosted solution, the following options are open to you:

  • An "On-premise" solution in the form of a hardware appliance located on-site in your network.
  • The installation as a Virtual Machine on an existing server within you company network.
  • Or the installation of a rented virtual server (hosted) in the cloud as offered by Amazon AWS for example.

For those requiring an on-premise hardware appliance based solution, the new pascom appliance delivers notable specification and reliability enhancements combined with an excellent price performance ratio.

With support for up to 50 users, the pascom appliance is the ideal VoIP server hardware for SOHO and Small Business office environments. As an ALL IP solution, the pascom appliance offers numerous interfaces, including monitor and keyboard connectivity options, to ensure the simple phone system administration.

Maximal Flexibility

pascom Cloud: Hosted or Self Hosted Cloud Server.

Choose the pascom hosted solution and benefit from maximum flexibility: the resiliency and freedom of the cloud combined with the option of managed services plus free hosting – for the lifetime of the solution, not just for one year.

Alternatively, deploying your self-hosted pascom solution using 3rd party hosting providers is also particularly flexible and fulfils the highest levels of availability and security:

  • Expandable and scalable to requirements, maximum flexibility.
  • Just on demand – centralised management, from anywhere.
  • Highest service reliability combined with stringent security levels via either pascom's certified Data Centre or a hosting provider of your choice.


Permanently Free Starter Pack

Looking to switch to VoIP or change supplier?

Try the pascom free starter pack: 2 concurrent user licences including free of charge hosting for the lifetime of the system. Only upon upgrading the licence packet will cost be incurred, making pascom the optimal solution for small businesses and those looking to upgrade their VoIP communications platform.

Img - pascom Free Starter Packet

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