Release Keynote

pascom 16 Live Release
Keynote and Q&A session
19. September 2017 at 14.00 CEST

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Keynote Highlights

Sign up today and join the live Release Keynote on September 19th and get a first hand guide of what's new in pascom 16 including our brand new Desktop CTI Client designed to further enhance your business' Unified Communications and User Experience.

Img- pascom 16 UC clients

Even More Enhanced UC

ppascom 16's new desktop UC client for Windows, Mac and Linux is the realisation of our "client first" approach and focus on enhancing end-user experiences. The completely new user-friendly design is not only sleek and more modern, but also offers an enhanced, unified user experience ensuring that using our UC tools is simpler, quicker and more intuitive than ever before.

Native Unified Apps, Responsive UX

pascom 16's desktop clients are now native desktop applications, meaning pascom UC clients offer a full, seamless desktop integration for Windows, Mac and Linux users alike. The new client also boasts a highly responsive, unified design ensuring that your users are able to enjoy a even more consistent and even better user experience no matter which desktop OS they prefer using.

Img- pascom 16 QT Clients

New Framework under the Hood

The new desktop client is built on a completely new framework under the hood. Thanks to the new QT framework, the pascom 16 UC client is considerably faster compared to previous versions, it is also significantly more lightweight as a result. What's more, the pascom desktop client is still a desktop app, ensuring a consistent unified look and feel across all platforms without any of the drawbacks of web based UIs.

pascom Exchange Connector

Originally released in pascom 15, the pascom Microsoft Exchange Connector provides you with the option for synchronising public, personal and shared Exchange / Office 365 Address Books with your pascom PBX server based Telephone Books.

Img- pascom Exchange Connector


Date: 19. September 2017
Time: 14:00 - 15.00 CEST
Language: English

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