pascom phone systems are available everywhere, for any environment

Deploying a new VoIP Installation? With a pascom phone system, you can deploy and operate your pascom VoIP solution in a variety of ways.
You can host your business phone system either in the pascom cloud or your cloud, as a virtual machine or as a hardware appliance option.
Regardless of how you host your pascom VoIP solution or your chosen deployment method: pascom’s full functionality is available and all supported
endpoints and clients can be integrated. Start right now and use the in-built softphone, without the need for traditional desktop phones.


No onsite installation needed:

pascom Cloud Hosted PBX


Setup your free phone system

Choose a pascom hosted cloud phone system for your business and benefit from reducing your on-site infrastructure requirements. Start now and be up and running in just a matter of minutes. No additional hardware is required. All you need are your chosen VoIP Provider’s SIP registration details. pascom’s cloud telephony solution is the ideal “as a Service” platform to enable businesses to gain total control over their telecommunication costs.

pascom On-premise

Pre-installed, simple setup:

pascom Self-Hosted PBX Solutions



Choosing pascom’s on-premise option allows you to self-host your pascom VoIP phone system: either in the form of a compatible hardware server or a pre-installed and configured hardware appliance as provided by pascom, deploying as a virtual IP PBX utilising existing virtual infrastructures or as a hosted IP PBX deployed in a rented virtual machine in the cloud provided by, for example, Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Further information can be found in our
detailed documentation.

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