How to report a bug? (1)
Microphone and / or speaker sound volume is too low on mobile devices (CL-274) (2)
Desktop client updates are not transferred correctly from the server (MD-9943) (4)
Client does not show a missed call notification (MD-9767) (4)
Desktop Client shows empty Phonebook Entry rows (MD-9935) (3)
Users are permanently busy when using mobile app with mobile hub (MD-9966) (4)
iOS client behaves wrong if a call is received while the app is in foreground on a classic instance (MD-10005) (3)
Client tray icon translation sometimes doesn't work (MD-9742) (6)
Softphone does not work correctly if the audio device name contains an Umlaut (MD-9766) (8)
Still missing vendor prefixes for cisco ATA (MD-9531) (3)
Wrong labels are attached to outgoing mobile hub calls (MD-10313) (1)
Selected dial call rule is ignored when using Click-to-dial (MD-9584) (3)
Broken font rendering in client (MD-9801) (4)
Sending faxes via pascom Desktop Client does not work if In-Band Byte Transfer is enabled on a classic instance (MD-10030) (1)
Client crashes if network connection is lost (MD-9613) (3)
(Windows) Notifications are not displayed, Tray Menu is displayed in an incorrect location (MD-9244) (5)
(Windows) Custom global shortcuts break after rebooting the system (MD-9547) (3)
Can't enter dead keys / diacritics in the client (MD-9623) (1)