Feature Voting

How to request a feature? (1)
Add a phonebook entry to favorites list in the pascom client (MD-9532) (8)
Permanent Group Chats (MD-9346) (14)
Support HTTP Proxy in pascom Server and Client (MD-11362) (1)
Android and iOS Phonebook Integration (MD-9788) (10)
Support for Kuando Busylight (MD-9936) (2)
Auto provisioning support for Snom C520 conference phone (MD-10288) (5)
Global Pause Reason (MD-9418) (3)
Enable TLS support for trunks out of the box (MD-9378) (1)
Support for Sennheiser Headsets (MD-9165) ( 2 3 ) (40)
Enhance Auto Away (MD-10253) (1)
Create Phonebook Entry from Journal (MD-9220) (2)
Turn down Mediaplayer volume if a call is in progress on windows (MD-8691) (1)
Send Callback Notification by Email (MD-9241) (3)
Support Unicode v11 Emojis in client (MD-8842) (1)
Display Name for Phone Devices (MD-9212) (1)
Handsfree function in desktop client when using the pascom softphone (MD-9818) (1)
Make Extension-Switches available in the Clients (MD-9794) (1)
Customisable Email Templates for Fax and Voicemail (MD-9791) (1)
Enhance MobileHub (GSM) to work better in a multi country setup (MD-9815) (1)
Gateway Support for Snom M300 DECT System (MD-5358) (1)
Support "Start Minimized" option on Windows (MD-9735) (4)
Multiple Actions in Desktop Client (MD-9583) (3)
Integrate Apple Address Book in Desktop Client (MD-9552) (1)
Show missed team-calls in every agents journal (1)