Pascom Client Beta Programme / Update Channels



pascom Client Update Channels

Centralised Updates

Beginning with pascom Client version 17.10, updates are no longer retrieved via the pascom phone system server, rather centrally via

As such, LTS and STABLE version users will also receive automatic client updates. CURRENT version users will now no longer need to update the phone system server in order to be able to distribute automatic client updates. The client will of course remain backwards compatible to the corresponding supported LTS version (also applies to mobile clients).

BETA Programme

The Idea

Based on the concept of the App store and Play Store BETA testing, there is now a BETA channel for the pascom Desktop Client. Should you switch to the BETA, you will receive all the newest features a couple of weeks before the release. All the feedback provided here in the forum helps us improve our software and avoid bugs in the STABLE channel version.

How do I become a BETA Tester?

In the client settings simply go to the “About pascom client” section (bottom) and click the “Switch to BETA version” link and follow the instructions. If a BETA version is available, the client will offer this as a normal update.

More information can be found in our documentation.

Pascom Client 18.01 / v42 Beta
Pascom Client 17.11 BETA
Desktop client updates are not transferred correctly from the server (MD-9943)
Pascom Client v44 BETA Version
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