pascom vs Microsoft Teams® Phone System

Microsoft Teams® is a chat-based collaboration tool built for Microsoft Office 365 and enables users to create team chat rooms. As a platform, it includes conferencing and collaboration tools which have helped Microsoft Teams® to become one of the most popular enterprise collaboration apps available on the market today. Despite this, Teams® is not without its limitations. It’s expensive, it is overly complex from the end-user perspective and it lacks the advanced Voice and Business Telephony functionality that modern businesses require.

pascom Business Phone System

  • Available globally
  • Business telephony orientated collaboration
  • Open Standards interoperability and interfaces
  • All-inclusive pricing (no add-ons)
  • Advanced routing & contact centre functionality
  • Managed services support options

Microsoft Teams® Phone System

  • Only available in certain regions with varying pricing1
  • Chat orientated collaboration with telephony add-on
  • Proprietary platform with vendor lock-in
  • Office licence, PBX licence and Calling Plan add-ons**
  • Limited contact centre tools or add-on required.

1 Pricing and availability vary per country / region.

**At the time of publication (09.2020), the minimum licensing1 for Microsoft Teams® Phone System requires an Office 365 E3 licence (€19.70/user/mth), the Phone System add-on (€6.70/user/mth) plus either a Microsoft Calling Plan (approx €20.20/user/mth) or the Direct Routing option (certified PBX / SBC licence required).

pascom Premium licensing

pascom Pricing vs. Microsoft Teams®

With Microsoft Teams®, costs quickly mount up as it is licensed on a per user basis. Businesses looking to add telephony and unify their business communications into a consolidated platform with Teams® will have to fork out even more. Each user will require a minimum of an Office 365 E3 subscriptions, a Phone System user add-on licence and a calling plan subscription. Compared to pascom’s all-inclusive subscriptions, it’s clear to see that pascom offers the ideal, extremely cost attractive alternative to Microsoft Teams®.

  • One affordable, easy to understand subscription
  • Advanced Contact Centre & Collaboration features as standard
  • Includes direct vendor PREMIUM support
  • Save €4,896 p.a. (20 users)*
*Based on a pascom 16 Concurrent User premium licence and excludes carrier charges.
pascom UC presence

Intuitive, High Performing Features

Alongside user-friendly collaboration tools such as chat, team chat, audio,- video,- and web conferencing, fax to e-mail and many more, pascom also offers an extensive range of advanced management, Contact Centre, reporting and Automatic Call Distribution functionality. With Mircosoft Teams®, the necessary advanced voice and contact centre features required to ensure consistently exceptional customer experiences are either not included or only available as an add-on.

  • Intuitive, easy to use unified communications & collaboration tools
  • Consistent "Look and Feel" for Windows, mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Advanced professional Skills-based routing, call queueing policies & reporting
  • Seamlessly integrated, native faxing and unified messaging features
pascom UC chat tools

Open Standards Flexibility, Robust Functionality

pascom offers an open-standards alternative to Microsoft Teams® and is therefore ideal for any business that utilises non-Microsoft products such as LDAP as well as allowing you to choose your the VoIP Providers and IP endpoint vendors that best suite your business requirements. As an open-standards communications platform, pascom also integrates nicely with a wide range of Microsoft products such as Outlook, Exchange and Active Directory ensuring that Microsoft product fans can also benefit and save considerably on licensing and choosing the best-suited voice tariffs and VoIP hardware to match your business' requirements.

  • No VoIP phone or Gateway vendor lock-in
  • Choose the VoIP provider voice tariff that's best for you with CYOP
  • Open Interfaces: REST API, CRM Connectors and SIP Provider Templates
  • No 3rd party vendor dependencies guaranteeing maximum functionality
pascom UC Teams

Simple Setup, Professional Support

As anyone who has ever tried to gain support from Microsoft can tell you, their preferred option is self-service, figure it out on your own. This is okay for some products but is not a good option when it comes to business-critical applications such as Business Telephony. As a specialised phone system vendor, pascom supports customers with access to a professional, dedicated support team and managed service options. What’s more, setting up the pascom phone system is quick and easy and the pascom support team will be on hand throughout the initial setup process and beyond.

  • Up and running in minutes
  • Free pascom cloud hosting or self-hosted cloud and onsite options
  • Benefit from Managed Services with pascom PREMIUM licence
  • Friendly, expert support hotline

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With pascom, businesses have all the must have tools to connect employees, customers and partners in a single, unified platform that is simple to setup, easy to use and does not break the bank.

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