Perfect for SOHO and SMBs

The pascom Appliance is the ideal ALL IP PBX server hardware for Small Office Home Office and SMB sized businesses requiring a full-featured on-premise VoIP solution but don’t have a dedicated virtual infrastructure in which to run their VoIP phone system.

High Performance
IP PBX Appliance

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All Inclusive
UCC Features

Simple Setup
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pascom onsite IP PBX appliance

Admin Friendly IP PBX Appliance

The pascom appliance provides a low-cost, high performance and admin-friendly IP PBX solution for small businesses. Delivered with the pascom PBX software pre-installed, admins need only connect their PBX to their network to get started. Simply follow our step-by-step setup guide and get your pascom IP PBX up and running in no time.

  • Intel Celeron N2807 processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, and 32GB mSATA.
  • Simple network integration and pascom admin UI management.
  • Delivered pre-configured when combined pascom Premium subscription.
  • PBX appliance scalable to 50 users making it ideal for SOHOs & SMBs.
pascom UC Appliance

All Inclusive Features

The pascom PBX appliance delivers an all inclusive feature set as standard. Compared to other vendors, pascom’s IP PBX appliance is built on the same Cloud PBX software as our pascom cloud and virtual phone system solutions. Meaning that with the pascom appliance, SOHOs and SMBs are able to benefit from the full range of Unified Communications, Mobile VoIP, and Cloud Technology without requiring any additional add-ons, hardware or 3rd party applications.

pascom VoIP PBX appliance integration

Seamless Integration

As a dedicated on-site IP PBX, the pascom VoIP appliance is based on open standards ensuring it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure. The freedom to choose your preferred IP phones and SIP trunk provider(s) coupled with pascom’s extensive range of UCC tools ensures that the pascom appliance delivers a small but mighty business communications platform.

  • Two inbuilt network cards for simple infrastructure integration.
  • Endpoint autoprovisioning for supported IP Phones.
  • Choose your own VoIP / SIP provider.
  • Integration templates for leading Directory Services

Why switch to the pascom business phone system?

pascom is a software-based open standards phone system that provides a robust, high performance and reliable business communications platform that is designed to deliver the extra flexibility and scalability that your business requires. From mobile VoIP and Unified Communications to video conferencing and Home Office working, pascom delivers an all-in-one communications solution. Choose between hosting or self-host your pascom phone system within your infrastructure as either a virtual PBX or PBX appliance and benefit from all the modern functionality, security, and ease of use that a cutting edge business communications platform delivers.

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