Seamless Anywhere Communication

The pascom phone system delivers an intuitive, unified and secure experience when accessing and using all your call, instant messaging and audio / video meeting tools. Compatible with both company issued and Bring Your Own Devices, the pascom UCC application enables you to effortlessly make calls, send instant messages, check voicemails and collaborate with teams and customers with seamlessly integrated team collaboration and online meeting tools.




Image showing pascom's unified communication and collaboration apps

Unified User Experience

Unified Communications combine all your enterprise communications tools commonly found on users' desktops and mobile devices into one user-friendly, intuitive UCC platform. Best in class UC platforms deliver a fully integrated, consistent “look and feel” to create a unified user-experience across all devices, channels and platforms.

  • Seamlessly integrated communications across channels and devices
  • Deliver instant, simple access to all collaboration tools
  • Reduce the risk of shadow IT with intuitive, unified UCC softphone apps for PC and Mobile
pascom UC presence

Presence / Status Management

UC presence management is an excellent productivity enhancer and customer experience tool. Let users immediately see which colleagues are available, on which device and where and help them decide how best to connect with colleagues, ensuring unnecessary calls and transfers are avoided and working with remote employees or teams is easier and more effective than ever. Update your status and ensure you get the quiet time you need to finish that project or meeting without any annoying interruptions.

  • Promote quick, effective team communication
  • Eliminate unnecessary call transfers & reduce voicemail messaging
  • Supports employees in delivering excellent customer service.
pascom UC chat tools

Unified Instant Messaging / Chat

Chat or instant messaging is fast becoming the communications channel of choice for many of us. The reason, it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s efficient. With pascom’s Unified Communications (UCC) platform, all your Instant Messaging / Chat and File Sharing tools are just a click away and can be accessed from all your devices at any time - a true Unified Messaging solution.

  • Eliminate 3rd party messaging platforms
  • Available on Desktop and Mobile
  • Maintain control over your essential business communications
pascom UC Teams

Team Collaboration

With the rise of the mobile / remote worker, Team Collaboration has become a must have tool for successful business communication. “Always On” team messaging channels provide the ideal platform for teams to break down information silos by grouping users into departments, teams or projects and enable them to brainstorm ideas, share files and dynamically start audio / video conferences and desktop screen sharing sessions.

  • Always-on unified team messaging
  • Dynamic virtual conference rooms
  • Share files, documents and images with your team
  • Enable and promote remote worker collaboration
pascom video for desktop and mobile

Video & Web Conferencing

Enhance meeting effectiveness with video. With pascom’s video and web conferencing suite, starting a video call or conference from your desktop, mobile device or in a huddle room is as simple as clicking a button. Thanks to the seamless video conferencing integration in pascom’s UCC app, there’s no need for additional expensive 3rd party software or hardware. What’s more the pascom WebRTC web conferencing tools are compatible with all leading browsers in order to avoid any browser compatibility issues.

  • One-to-one & video conferencing - ideal for HomeOffice
  • Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android™ & iOS UC Apps
  • WebRTC client compatible with all leading browsers
  • Start on demand or elevate an ongoing call
Voicemail-2-E-mail pascom

Fax & Voicemail-to-E-mail

Never miss an important message again thanks to pascom’s Fax and Voicemail-2-E-mail. Voicemails are automatically converted to sound files and forwarded to your e-mail inbox removing the need to call your inbox and if you thought faxing was last century, think again. With pascom’s integrated fax server, faxing direct from the pascom desktop UC client is both intuitive and a significant time saver with Fax-2-E-mail.

  • Simplify user workflows
  • No need to call your inbox to listen to voicemails
  • Send and receive faxes from anywhere
pascom click-to-dial

Desktop CTI / Click-to-Dial

With pascom’s integrated CTI functionality, you can make calls direct from any web browser or CRM system via the pascom Desktop Apps for Windows, macOS and Linux. Make outbound calls direct from any CRM via a single click of the mouse or simply use your preferred dial shortcut key to start calls. Use the inbound call “Action” icon to immediately open more detailed caller information in your CRM / ERP platform.

  • No more tedious copy and pasting
  • Immediate access to caller information in your CRM
  • No additional browser extensions required.

Why Switch to the pascom Business Communications Platform?

Modern business communications are no longer confined to the boundaries of the office and takes place on multiple-devices across multiple channels. Take your business communications to new levels with the pascom UCC phone system solution and make all your calling, messaging, audio and video conferencing, team collaboration tools easily accessible wherever your are.

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