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Access all your favourite phone system functions on the go

Take your office phone number with you and stay connected with all your teams, colleagues and customers no matter where you work. The pascom ONE cloud phone system delivers amazing performance and flexibility, from hosting to functionality, meaning accessing all your essential business telephony and messaging tools from anywhere is simple thanks to cloud communications and the pascom apps.

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Incredible Reliability

We monitor our cloud communications platform 24 / 7 to deliver the best communications experience.

100% Cloud Technology

Easily set up & manage your pascom cloud phone system from the comfort of your desk.

All-inclusive features

Access all your favourite telephony & collaboration tools from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Keep full control

Enjoy complete control over your virtual cloud PBX and benefit from our managed services option.

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Always up-to-date IT freedom

You and your IT have enough on your plate without having to maintain your old phone system coupled with a multi-vendor collaboration infrastructure. With pascom ONE, all your telephony and messaging tools are easily accessible from one app. As a cloud-hosted telephony solution, all the phone system management, hosting, monitoring, maintenance, and updates are taken care of for you, freeing up your team to focus on what matters - your business.

  • Quick, easy Cloud PBX setup.
  • Always up-to-date and managed services
  • Effortlessly connect Home Offices and branch locations.
  • Reduce/eliminate on-site hardware maintenance.
  • Zero-touch provisioning for support endpoints.

Modern workplace flexibility

Gone are the days of 9 to 5. Customers and employees demand instant flexibility - sound familiar? Enter UCaaS and the pascom cloud phone system. Deliver exceptional customer experiences AND cater to the needs of the modern workforce with our cutting-edge Unified Communications (UC) desktop and mobile apps that empower your team to use their office extension and communicate from anywhere, on their preferred mobile device: in the office, in home office, and on the go.

  • Instant access to all your essential tools 24 / 7 / 365.
  • Apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android™ and iOS
  • Voice, video, chat & file sharing in one app.
  • Everywhere, anytime availability.

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All-inclusive features

pascom customers benefit from an all-inclusive feature set. With extensive telephony and Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) features included as standard, integrating your pascom cloud-based phone system into your daily workflows is easy and does not require any costly add-ons or additional upgrades licensing

  • Offer excellent customer experiences with Unified Communications & Contact Centre.
  • Easy-to-use Native Video Conferencing & Web Meeting suite for Desktop and Smartphone
  • Automated workflows and seamless integrations with leading directory services.
  • Work on your preferred device - desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Complete Control over your business communications

As a dedicated virtual phone system instance, the pascom cloud phone system gives you total control over your virtual cloud PBX. This ensures that you can set up, manage and customise your pascom cloud phone system exactly according to your business requirements.

  • Full access to your dedicated virtual PBX admin UI via the cloud.
  • Effortlessly manage & customise your cloud phone system.
  • Easily connect & integrate essential business applications.
  • Securely connect branch locations and Home Offices.
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Save time and money

The pascom cloud phone system includes all features as standard and pascom VoIP PBX hosting is included in the subscription. Therefore, you will only pay for what you actually need and can keep costs to a minimum by reducing phone bills and eliminating timely and costly onsite hardware maintenance.

  • All-inclusive pricing that your accounts & IT will love.
  • Eliminate expensive on-site hardware.
  • Save on costly 3rd party communication apps.
  • Cut telco costs with free internal calls.

Cloud Phone System FAQs

Do you have questions about pascom cloud phone systems? Let us answer them!

A cloud telephone system is a software-based business telephony solution that is hosted in the provider’s Data Centre. Sometimes referred to as a Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange), a cloud phone system combines all the telephony functions of a traditional PBX with modern team collaboration tools and makes them available via the internet using VoIP (Voice over IP) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technologies. The pascom Cloud phone system provides you with a complete business communications solution that unifies all your communication tools into one platform and makes all your essential communication tools available from anywhere and on your favourite devices to ensure that you, your team and your customers stay connected no matter where you work.

Cloud telephony and communication solutions are easily scalable making them ideal for companies of all sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses to large companies. As a hosted communications platform, a cloud PBX makes all your communications tools available from anywhere via the Internet, ensuring maximum flexibility regardless of your location. Furthermore, the pascom cloud phone systems desktop and mobile apps give you the option of accessing all your telephony and collaboration tools of your preferred device, giving you the freedom to work from HomeOffice and keeping you connected while on the move.

Cloud phone systems are often referred to as virtual phone systems, so much so that the two terms are now almost synonymous with each other. From the customer’s perspective, cloud and virtual phone systems are pretty much the same because a cloud phone system is not something physical and therefore must be virtual. However, in terms of the technology, there is a difference, namely how and where each type of PBX is deployed; a cloud phone system is hosted within the phone system provider’s cloud infrastructure and is usually available to the customer within a matter of minutes, saving time and hassle. Virtual phone systems are deployed in a virtualised environment, which can be either on-premise or in a data centre. Such a deployment takes longer to set up as the process will often not be fully automated and ongoing maintenance will likely be more labour-intensive as Managed Services are often not included for virtual phone systems.

As all your communication and messaging tools are hosted in the Cloud and made available via the Internet, cloud phone systems do not require any additional onsite hardware other than what’s required for your Internet connection. Analogue phone lines are also not required, as calls are routed via VoIP, so all you need to start calling, messaging and conferencing is an Internet connection and our apps installed on your smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop. To ensure greater comfort and higher call quality, we also recommend using an approved business headset.

Why switch to the pascom cloud phone system?

The pascom cloud phone system is a software-based virtual phone system solution that combines all the functionality of a traditional PBX with modern team collaboration and remote working tools to keep your team and customers connected. No matter where your team members are working, they will have instant access to a reliable, secure and high-performing communications solution designed to deliver the extra flexibility and scalability that your business requires - from Team Collaboration to working from Home Office.

  • Work from anywhere
  • Simple setup and management
  • Cloud Unified Communications
  • Android/iOS mobile VoIP apps
  • Video conferencing & web meetings
  • Advanced Call & Contact Centre
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Thousands of companies trust pascom to stay connected

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Philipp Meixner, CEO
As a communications agency with just under 20 employees, the pascom phone system is perfect for us. The technical concept simply functions, which is what you want. The service is exceptional and always accessible (even if it is rarely needed) and as one of the agency’s business partners, we can only recommend pascom: open, straightforward, pleasant to work with - great. Thank you pascom!

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Stephan Förderung, CEO
We chose pascom because their phone systems offer a sleek, easy-to-use UC client and administration UI whilst providing us with all the PBX and UC features, control and visibility that we could need from our business communications solution. As a result of our excellent experience, we are happy to recommend pascom phone systems to all our customers.

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Lars Hoeger, IT Director
When we make decisions regarding new systems, we want to make sure that we have both reins firmly in our hands. Therefore, it is essential to implement systems which adhere to OpenStandards, allowing us to seamlessly connect and integrate these into our existing systems. In addition, we require reliable suppliers, who are ready to customise their solutions to our requirements, which is why we chose pascom who offer exactly this service and more.

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Kassandra Martin, Deputy Director & Reception Manager
We chose pascom as our telephony solution in part due to the scalability, flexibility and ease of deployment. In addition, the pascom platform functions perfectly with our digital guest directories in our rooms whilst offering the largest range of features at easily the most cost effective price compared to alternative solutions. A further deciding factor was the wide choice of compatible hardware that choosing pascom afforded us.

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Wake & Camp Ruhlsdorf

Markus Gerlitzki, Managing Director
My team and I pride ourselves on the level of excellent care we provide our guests. However, it can be distracting when the phone is always ringing and we constantly answer the same questions. Thanks to the pascom phone system, we have been able to set up an automated attendant self-service hotline which allows guests to quickly get answers and if required callers can be quickly and efficiently routed to an employee. The system greatly improves customer service with around-the-clock answers around opening times and courses and therefore reduces the strain on employees, ensuring we are free to cater to the needs of our on-site guests.

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