Simple, Scalable, Secure Cloud Communications

The pascom cloud phone system delivers all the advantages of a self-hosted on-site PBX solution combined with all the benefits and flexibility of hosted managed services. pascom cloud phone systems are hosted in our highly secure, GDPR conform German Data Centre ensuring our customers receive exclusive access to a dedicated cloud phone system instance and benefit from a highly scalable, enterprise grade cloud communications solution.

Simple Management

Easy to use

Incredibly Reliable

Always Up-to-date IT Freedom

Image - pascom Cloud Phone System IT Freedom

You and your IT have enough on your plate without having to maintain your old phone system coupled with a multi-vendor collaboration infrastructure. With the pascom cloud phone system, we help you free up your team and IT department to focus on your critical business projects by consolidating all your communication and collaboration tools in one platform and by managing all the phone system hosting, monitoring, maintenance, and updates for you.

  • Quick, easy Cloud PBX setup
  • Always up-to-date and managed services
  • Effortless connect office locations and Home Offices
  • Reduce / eliminate on-site hardware maintenance
  • Zero touch provisioning for supported endpoints

Modern Flexibility

Image - pascom Cloud UCC phone system

Gone are the days of 9 to 5. Customers and employees demand instant flexibility - sound familiar? Enter UCaaS and the pascom cloud phone system. Deliver exceptional customer experiences AND cater to the needs of the modern workforce with our cutting edge Unified Communications (UC) desktop and mobile apps that empower your team to use their office extension and communicate from anywhere, on their preferred device: in the office, in home office, and on the go.

  • Instant access to all your essential tools 24 / 7 / 365
  • On your desktop and Android™ and iOS devices
  • Voice, video, chat & file sharing in one app
  • Everywhere, anytime availability

Keep Accounts Happy

Image - pascom Cloud UCC phone system

The pascom cloud phone system includes all features as standard and your pascom Cloud PBX hosting is 100% free, meaning you only pay for what you actively use, keeping costs to a minimum and your accounts happy. What’s more, unleash your employees' full potential by letting them decide how best to communicate; with a click, swipe or dial.

  • Free Cloud PBX hosting - forever
  • No hidden extras or add-ons
  • No expensive hardware required
  • Excellent price performance

Hosted in Germany

Image - pascom Cloud UCC phone system

Maximum uptime, incredible reliability and constant availability are core to customer success which is why we monitor and improve our pascom cloud communications platform 24/7/365 in order to ensure all our cloud phone systems customers enjoy the maximum in security and redundancy.

  • TÜVIT Certified Data Centre
  • Maximum Availability
  • Live status monitoring
  • Expert, friendly support

Modern Cloud Phone System vs Traditional On-premise PBX solution

The advent of the software-based PBX and cloud technologies have revolutionised the world of Business Communications. Modern cloud-based telephony platforms deliver the full functionality of a traditional on-site PBX combined with the modern communication and collaboration feature set, flexibility, and scalability that the modern business simply must have.

Traditional on-site PBX

  • Expensive up front on-site hardware costs.
  • Complex, slower deployment.
  • Installation and maintenance requires specially qualified technicians.
  • Costly ongoing hardware maintenance.
  • Difficult to scale and upgrade.
  • Finite life cycle.

pascom cloud-based phone system

  • Future proof scalability
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Works with IP phones, desktop and mobile devices
  • No onsite hardware required
  • Automated update and upgrade roll outs
  • Managed services alleviate maintenance tasks
  • No specialist knoweldge required

Why switch to the pascom Cloud phone system?

pascom is a 100% cloud-based phone system that provides a robust and reliable cloud telephony communications platform that is designed to deliver the extra flexibility and scalability that your business requires - from mobile VoIP to video conferencing and Home Office working. Hosted directly by pascom, pascom cloud phone systems deliver all the modern functionality, security, and ease of use of a cutting edge hosted PBX platform at a cost that your accounts and IT teams will love.

Get Your Free Cloud Phone System in Minutes!

Get your new pascom cloud phone system up and running in under 5 minutes and start enjoying all the perks that cloud telephony has to offer.
The pascom FREE edition includes the complete pascom UC suite, 2 permanently free concurrent user licences and PBX hosting!