Why work at all?

and if because, then why specifically for pascom? Especially when at pascom we constantly annoy our customers with new features, promoting new ways to better connect, communicate, collaborate and talk with one another on the phone and perhaps more importantly - how to save time and best focus on what really counts. Yes we talk about how to sell more effectively, faster and smarter, how to master the perfect work life balance and how to build a successful business or career, but we also focus on how to successfully build your career AND have fun doing it. At pascom we have an excellent understanding with our customers and partners - so good in fact that one often talks as friends as opposed to increasing sales revenues. At pascom, we’ve also got your back: you can work from Home-Office or almost “anywhere” for that matter. pascom makes all this possible. Not least thanks to having an excellent VoIP phone system solution…

Why pascom? Well, because pascom is groovy, trendy, hip and just simply better, because pascom creates that positive vibe and because at pascom you can make waves, all you need to do is take the opportunity. Get in touch, today - right here in the here and now.

One of the many reasons for joining the coolest company around

Lunch and breakfast together just like at home

We are always searching for …

Organisational Talent

Organisational Talent

Do you love perfectly sharpened pencils? Are Purchasing, logistics and sales support exactly your thing? What you bring to the table: enthusiasm for probably the hottest business phone system platform on the market. If you also have a passion and talent for organisational planning, then we look forward to receiving your application.

Sales Talent

Sales Legends

Having fun with others is not important to you. On the contrary: you are open to a lot of interests, work well with others as well as individually plus are serious and goal orientated. You like to take customers by the hand and confidently guide them, because you know your product is simply exceptional and that they will thank you in the future with welcoming smiles and tons of drinks.

Support Heros

Support Heros

You have been the distance, been there done that and got the t-shirt, are quick-witted, always top informed in order to answer any question. Nothing gets by you, nothing throws you off your game, because you are on the ball before everyone else. Gulp?! Not quite so perfect? It does not matter, we are still looking forward to your application.

Developer Nerds

Developer Nerds

Always one step ahead? Got an ace up your sleeve, a light bulb going off in your head, a brilliant plan, something that others haven’t even dreamt of yet? Does the concept of having the best ideas and always being on the verge of leaving everything else behind fill you with excitement? Because nothing is more important than a plan that works? Did you answer these questions with a definite yes? Then we should talk. Today.


DevOps Masters

DevOps Master

At pascom, we are always on the look out for talented DevOp engineers who are passionate about cutting-edge Cloud Business Communications solutions. So if you know your Backend from your Frontend, have skills with AWS, APIs and Cloud Technologies, know your way around database technologies, LXC containers, Consul, Packer and Vault and have a hunger to continually learn new technologies to grow and improve our VoIP platforms, then apply today to join our dynamic international team of likeminded developers and let your passion, ideas and skills shine.


QA Wizards

Quality Assurance Wizards

We are always searching for lateral thinkers with a focus on VoIP, open-source software and cloud technologies. We are looking for someone who has an eye for details, can balance and manage multiple tasks equally. This position will offer the ideal candidate a great opportunity to work with our international team to quality assure every aspect of our Business Communication platform from optimising user and administrator experiences, approving IP hardware, software & endpoint interoperability and CTI functionality with our desktop and mobile UCC applications and our expanding large scale cloud infrastructures.

QA Engineer

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