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Communicate better, smarter and make an impact with useful, real-life tips and tricks on how to use the pascom apps plus of course staying up to date on all the latest news, feature releases and newest trends and what they mean for you and can make your workday simpler and more enjoyable.

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Meet Your Hosts, the pascom CEOs

pascom Direct gives you with a direct line to the pascom C Suite and provides your with the perfect opportunity to get your questions answered directly and personally by the bosses.

Mathias Pasquay

Quirin Pasquay

Why Should You Take Part?

Do you know all the features, functions and benefits of the pascom apps? No, we didn’t think so. As such, pascom direct provides you pascomers, the ideal opportunity to discover the full scope of pascom tools and experience first hand how using them will help make your work life simpler, more enjoyable and keep you working like the pro that you are.

What You Can Expect

First things first, this is not a business networking event. It is an info event, designed to keep users upto date on all the latest tools and how best to use them. As such, we will have a quick keynote to highlight the newest features, tips and tricks and insider insights into whatever is trending in the world of Business Communications before we open up the session and answer your questions.

pascom Direct is proving to be a fantastic platform for pascom Users to get their questions answered and learning more about the capabilities of the pascom apps. September promises to deliver even more, so stay tuned!

James Barton, pascom Marketing

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