Support multiple phonebooks (PM-1800)

Sometimes having a personal and a company phonebook is not enough. Specific groups of users need to have access to the same phonebook entries, while other company employees should not see those names. It should be possible to restrict access to certain phonebook entries depending on some role assignment or team membership.

Approach 1:

Add one phonebook per team . There is no configuration management, and the client just shows one phonebook for each team the user is a member off. Each member can add/edit the phonebook entries.

Approach 2:

Custom phonebooks can be added via the WebUI. Assignment to users/teams is controlled via role memberships. A user which is in the same role can see this phonebook automatically and also add/edit entries.

Enhanced approach: The phonebook is “readonly” by default, if a user wants to add/edit entry, an addtional roletype needs to be assigned.