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pascom ONE release notes

Discover what’s new with the pascom ONE cloud phone system in our pascom phone system release notes

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Important Changes

This section explains the changes taht you must consider when migrating from pascom 19 to

  • Bash script function in the recording system removed.
  • The CID name and CID number input fields have been removed from incoming call rules.
  • Uploaded firmware files are lost - With pascom cloud phone system update, the stored firmware files are automatically deleted.

Known Issues

These problems are known to us and we are already working on a solution.

  • Currently, no known issues

Cloud Release 23.01.2024

  • Global-e provider template added.
  • New R-Kom provider template added.
  • Fixed “Used by” display in the actions and announcements. It is now correctly displayed again where announcements and actions have been placed.
  • The scrolling behavior in the Asterisk CLI has been improved.
  • The phonebook administrator can now log in to the Admin Dashboard (Commander) again.
  • Removed old “Fetch2Mail” from the server.
  • New action - drop to user added.

Cloud Release 29.11.2023

  • Changed Yealink provisioning settings with new firmware.
  • Requesting voicemails fails because of unexpected voicemail messageID.
  • Provisioning of Snom DECT Firmware 670 fails because of different user agent.
  • Add template.

Cloud Release 23.10.2023

  • Added new framework & design for the pascom Commander Admin UI.
  • Telecom Advanced template removed.
  • Removed Spanish as channel language from phone system.
  • pascom Cloud database imports limited to backups v19+.
  • Fixed issue with QueueMetrics in the cloud.
  • System administrators can now change permissions on other system administrators.
  • Limits and thresholds can now be customized by our support team. (e.g. deletion period for voicemails etc.).

Cloud Release 08.09.2023

  • Removed Sipgate Basic & Team template from provider templates.
  • Fixed CLIP error in Peoplefone provider templates.
  • Email notification implemented in server. Missed calls now generate an email notification. Set as action in user or queue.
  • All provider trunks including the pascom ONE trunk now have a limit of 5 concurrent incoming calls per concurrent user license. Outgoing calls already had this limit.
  • CSV import of MITEL DECT handsets with firmware 8.3SP4 and higher adapted.

Cloud Release 18.07.2023

  • Added integrated Mail Gateway for Mail2Fax via e-mail addresses.
  • Upgraded the pascom phone system Mail2Fax service.
  • Fixed user import via the connector error that resulted in it not being possible to add virtual fax devices.
  • Add iWay Swiss VoIP provider template.
  • Removed the Univention (UCS) Connector profile from the phone system.
  • In call queues, new default values for maximum callers waiting as well as internal and external timeouts have been added.
  • Updated a few REST API endpoints.
  • Removed the peoplefone (other) provider template from the phone system.
  • Removed the generic SIP trunk template from the phone system.
  • Updated the server-side phone system admins BLF editor.
  • Faxes can now be downloaded using the REST API interface.
  • The Team Member sequence no longer changes when a new user is added.
  • In Grafana Analytics, it is now displayed via which trunk rule a call has run.

Cloud Release 15.05.2023

  • Fixed the error that resulted in /queue Endpoint API Requests returning a 500 error code.
  • Improved the usage multiple pascom clients with the same user so that it works again correctly. (Requires a terminal server environment).
  • Improved reliability of the client profile time trigger.
  • Repaired the MS Status Connector authentication issue with CSP customer domains.
  • Resolved issue that sometimes resulted in the MS Status sync not working after a phone system restart.
  • Removed the EULA acceptance from the phone system setup wizard.
  • Improved Yealink DECT audio quality.
  • Removed the Provider Trunk Template export function. (Provider templates will continue to be saved in the system backups).
  • Removed Connector profile export function. (Connector profiles will continue to be saved in the system backups).
  • The pascom SIP trunk now always uses the G.722 HD Audio Codec.
  • The phone system admin role can now also manage user permissions with the exception of the system administrator.
  • The phone system admin no longer has access to Connector profiles.
  • Removed Bash scripts from the recording system.
  • When importing users it is now possible to assign user roles.
  • Added Grandstream GXW42xxV2 Gateway provisioning. (Grandstream Firmware is required).
  • Modernised the Admin Web UI device list design.
  • Raised the minimum password complexity standards. Minumum of 8 characters, mix of capital and non-capital letters plus a minimum of one number is now required.
  • After switching workplace, all the user configured BLF configurations are removed from hardware phones.
  • Removed CIDName and CIDNummer from incoming call rules.
  • Added a new E-mail field for users which contains the user’s default e-mail address to be used by voicemails and virtual fax devices.

Cloud Release 07.03.2023

  • Deleting user-defined prompts is again possible.
  • Fixed QueueMetric integration error that resulted in agents being unable to log in to queues after a restart.
  • Improved performance of REST API requests.
  • Added support for 3rd party SIP provider T-M-Net.
  • Fixed display error relating to a very high number of endpoints in the device list.
  • Microsoft Teams integration - added new Client Profile trigger and Microsoft 365 status connector. The Microsoft 365 connector setup guide can be found here.
  • Fixed erroneous behaviour of call recording via variables.
  • Repaired details display for when searching the telephone book via LDAP on a Gigaset endpoint.
  • Added support for 3rd party SIP provider TeleData.

Cloud Release 30.01.2023

  • After each update of the Cloud Telephone System, the call number display for outgoing calls was changed. This no longer happens.
  • DTMF input improved. Increased duration of signalling to allow more time when entering longer PINs.
  • Fixed bug where sharing a Grafana snapshot was not possible due to lack of permission.
  • Added Mnet as a supported provider for cloud phone systems.
  • Made improvements to the Opus audio codec, for better performance.
  • Fixed a bug where external calls to a voicemail box were dropped after a few seconds.
  • Recording and voicemail size increased to 25MB.
  • Fixed problem with calls to the finanzamt via the pascom trunk.
  • Fixed bug where pascom web client lost connection to conference after a certain time.

Cloud Release 23.01.2023

  • Fixed issue where voicemail box email notifications did not contain the callers telephone number.
  • Resolved problem with external webmeeting participants, where the 1st participant via telephone was kicked out of the meeting when the 2nd participant via telephone joined.
  • Fixed issue where in certain scenarios, an unknown ghost caller could not be removed from the queue.

Cloud Release 05.12.2022

  • Supervisors now have correct access to call recordings of agents from teams. Read more.
  • Provider template for SGA SIP trunk implemented.
  • Fixed bug where a conference was opened when transfering a caller to a colleague.
  • Fixed wrong phone number displayed on blind transfers to hardware phones.
  • Implemented server side client profiles in the Admin WebUI. Read more.

Cloud Release 18.10.2022

  • When unpairing mobile devices, the mobile number is correctly deleted / cleaned.
  • When logging on to workplaces via a desk phone, the PIN is no longer announced loudly.
  • Snom DECT M400 support implemented (Single cell only).
  • Display of the end device status implemented again in the end device list. The status of the endpoints does not refresh automatically! For a status refresh there is now a new button in the end device list.
  • Microsoft 365 Connector for contacts implemented.
  • Changed automation settings of connectors to presets. More information can be found here.
  • Improved syntax of special characters during connector import to avoid JSON errors.

Cloud Release 26.09.2022

  • Fixed an issue where users could not be deleted due to a profile.personal role error.
  • LDAPS limited to TLS 1.2 and higher.
  • Fixed a problem with broken provisioning URLs.

Cloud Release 05.09.2022

  • Users can set up call forwarding to their own voicemail box again, without needing to be assigned the user role.
  • Fixed Grafana Analytics display error which caused caller display names to be displayed as numbers.
  • Updated the HFO trunk template to become Gamma trunk template.
  • Added Trigger function for client profiles.
  • Grafana Analytics Performance update. (Note, please refer to known issues).
  • Multiple authentication servers can now be set in the Active Directory Connector. Learn more.
  • Added Mitel LDAPS support with firmware 8.3.
  • Fixed unexpected disconnections during calls in conferences.

Cloud Release 03.08.2022

  • DND Profile works properly again and now activates all devices when leaving the profile.
  • Improved Plusnet provider template with regards to redirects.
  • Improved speed of the telephone book connector for imports with many labels.
  • The invitation e-mail shows the correct user as sender instead of showing “Administrator”.
  • Fixed the bug whereby the same REST API credentials existed on multiple productive instances.
  • Improved reliability of Call Distributor Dialplan loop detection.
  • Fixed firmware file upload function.
  • Trunks that have not successfully registered with a provider over a period of 3 days will be automatically deactivated.
  • Increased PHP Timeout for Exchange imports.
  • The Reboot Function to restart the phone system is now found under the menu Appliance > Reboot.
  • Added more phone number filters and attributes to the phone book search via LDAP.
  • Resolved incorrect call duration being displayed in the CDR files in relation to Attended Transfers.

Cloud Release 04.07.2022

  • Fair Flat is available for pascom ONE and can be booked via the mypascom portal.

Cloud Release 20.06.2022

  • SIP TLS 1.0 and SIP TLS 1.1 have been disabled. For more information, click here.

Cloud Release 08.06.2022

  • Fixed error while performing an outgoing call via Snom DECT, in connection with a M700 handset.
  • Devices per user limited to 5 concurrent endpoints.
  • Device prio during call setup via TAPI interface improved.
  • In the device list, manufacturer and model information has been added to the provisioned endpoint.
  • Removed status lights in Admin UI from various lists (e.g. users, devices etc).
  • Shell escape function removed from Asterisk Remote CLI.
  • Astersik update to version 16.25.3.
  • DTMF remote control for Yealink phones implemented.
  • The originating number can now be set in the basic settings of the pascom trunk. This additionally serves as a fallback for call number signaling for providers that do not accept CLIP no screening.
  • pascom Client Profiles implemented, which link a users presence status with actions. More information can be found in the Userhandbook.

Cloud Release 16.05.2022

  • Fixed a status error of extension switches.
  • Support for Yealink W70B DECT systems implemented.
  • Skill Based Routing now works reliably in the cloud again.
  • Ringback tone generation fixed for certain constellations with HFO Provider Template.
  • Memory usage when applying telephony configuration improved.
  • Swagger API UI removed from the admin UI.
  • Fixed a bug, when provisioning gateways over IPv6.
  • REST API can now be used to dial with a mobile (softphone).

Cloud Release 13.04.2022

  • MOH playlists have a new feature for streaming services. A streaming URL can be set as source.
  • Outgoing phone calls via TAPI with a SNOM phone, now dial out directly again.

Cloud Release 05.04.2022

  • Repaired Screen Sharing issue when 2 users simultaneously share their screen, the other share was not stopped.
  • Improved Exchange connector performance with missing timeouts:
  • Improved data processing of list elements to improve speed and performance of the pascom apps.
  • Fixed issue with internal calls which in some cases saw the phone symbol belonging to the desired contact being grey and therefore not reachable.
  • Reworked the pascom SIP Provider database. Only cloud compatible SIP Trunk provider templates are listed.
  • Patched OpenSSL security vulnerability which could cause an excessive CPU load on the server.
  • Calls via the pascom Trunk to invalid phone numbers now playback the correct prompt (“The number you have dialed has not been recognised”).