The “All-in-One” Business Phone System

Leverage maximum potential and cost effectiveness with VoIP telephony. Perfectly optimise your internal and external communication and intelligently shape your business processes around your business objectives. pascom’s Unified Communications solution allows you to combine all your communication channels into one unified platform that integrates all types of endpoints from desktop phones to employee smartphones and softphones. Seamlessly incorporate office locations and home office environments plus benefit from user-friendly management and collaboration tools to effortlessly manage and share all your data and enjoy communication without borders.

The Problem

The digital transformation and the transition to digital business communications is meant to make everything simpler and more efficient. Instead, many businesses now face the challenge of a disjointed, difficult to manage, multi-vendor infrastructure with many employees now using more than 9 different collaboration apps during the average working day and not all of them are company approved.

From old & slow…

The problem of legacy communications

…to apps overload

Image - pascom Apps Overload

The Solution

At pascom, we understand that the key to effective communication is keeping things simple. That is why pascom is designed to help your business stand out by transforming your phone system into a single, centralised modern business communications platform to deliver all the flexibility, scalability, and functionality required to take back control and make your business communications shine.

Turning this…

Too many apps reduces productivity

A myriad of disjointed, non-integrated collaboration apps
  • Loss of productivity as users toggle multiple apps.
  • Shadow IT potentially exposing company data.
  • Inefficient workflows resulting in information silos.
  • Costly multi-vendor licensing and platform management.
  • Difficult to scale, upgrade and secure.

…into this

pascom UCC app - no stress

A modern, cutting-edge unified communications platform
  • One app for Voice, Video, Data, and Meetings.
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly UCC apps.
  • Caters to every user preference from Boomer to Z.
  • Seamless, real-time sync across desktop and mobile.
  • Simple to scale, manage, update and secure.

Your cockpit to upgrade your business communications.

pascom is THE VoIP phone system solution for professional business and Contact Centre communications. Based on OpenStandards and packed with Call Centre grade features, pascom VoIP phone systems ensures your team stay connected, collaborating and productive from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.


pascom Cloud

Choose a pascom Cloud phone system and benefit from a hosted PBX. pascom offer free hosting, saving you time, money and resources on self-hosting infrastructures. Get started within minutes without any installation hassle or requiring any additional hardware.

pascom cloud

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on Premise

pascom On-premise

Deploy your pascom phone system as an “on-premise” solution in the form of a pre-installed hardware solution or as a virtual IP PBX utilising your existing virtual infrastructure. Alternatively, self-host in a rented virtual server hosted by e.g. Amazon Web Services.

pascom VoIP Appliance for SMBs

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Concurrent User License Model -
Dynamic, Flexible and Cost-effective.

Profit from a fair and transparent licensing model. Your benefit: unlimited users, unlimited endpoints, unlimited channels. Inbound calls always arrive, regardless of the current licence usage. Licences are immediately made available once they are no longer in use. Using both the desktop and mobile apps only requires a maximum of one licence per employee.

pascom licensing

Image - pascom Licensing: Flexible, fair and all inclusive

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