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What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a software-based phone system solution that is hosted by your provider in their data centre. Often cloud telephony solutions are offered as an all-in-one solution which make all your business telephony and collaboration functions accessible via your Internet connection using IP protocols such as VoIP and SIP. Software-based cloud telephony solutions eliminate expensive and cumbersome onsite PBX hardware. Cloud telephony systems offer unparalled flexibility and scalability, ensuring you can grow your cloud telephony solution with your business. Right from the start, a cloud telephony solution allows you to immediately:

  • Get started in minutes.
  • Make and receive calls via the Internet.
  • Work from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Easily grow your solution as your business grows.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony

All-In-One Features

Access all your favourite telephony & collaboration tools from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Work From Anywhere

Thanks to Cloud Telephony, you can work from anywhere; in the office, in Home-Office or on the go and remain available on one number.

Secure Communications

ISO Certification, secure German datacentre, and the latest in encryption technology ensure secure, reliable, and robust business communications.


Adding and connecting new users, offices, and remote workers is simple allowing you can manage and scale your cloud telephony system from the comfort of your desk.

Cost Effective

With no upfront acquistion and ongoing maintenance costs, cloud telephony costs are spread in one low monthly invoice.

Future Proof

Continuous server and feature updates plus 24/7 monitoring ensure that your cloud telephony solution is always up-to-date with cutting edge tools and security.

All-In-One Cloud Telephony Solution

All the Modern Workplace tools you need to communicate professionally - all in ONE place

Business Telephony

SIP Trunking, Queues, Prompts, IVRs, Time-based Routing, and mucn more.


Call, chat, share and meet in one place, on your desktop, smartphone and tablet.


Connect with customers and colleagues everywhere with video and web meetings.


Effortlessly integrate pascom into your daily workflows and business software.

Work From Anywhere

Cloud telephony users can access all the cloud communication services from anywhere, on their laptop, smartphone and tablet, meaning no matter whether they work in the office, in home office or are on the go, you and your team will always stay connected.

  • Effortlessly connect Home Offices and remote locations.
  • Make and receive calls on your office number.
  • Stay connected with colleagues and customers from anywhere.

Secure Cloud Communications

At pascom, we take data protection seriously. Which is why when it comes to security, reliability and performance we take every precaution in keeping your data secure, from hosting, to encryption and ISO certification. All pascom Cloud phone systems are hosted in our TüV certified data centre in Germany, pascom is ISO 27001 certified, and customer calls are transported using TLS and SRTP encryption.

  • Made & Hosted in Germany.
  • TüV and ISO 27001 Certified.
  • Guaranteed uptime to ensure maximum availability.

Incredibly Cost Effective

By eliminating upfront purchase costs, expensive hardware, and ongoing maintenance contracts, cloud telephony solutions can help you realise significant cost-savings for your business. What’s more, technology such as softphones, video conferencing and cloud hosting combine to eliminate on-site servers and phones as well as reducing business travel and energy consumption. Further savings can be achieved thanks to SIP/VoIP Telephony that enables free internal calling, even accross office locations. Finally, all-in-one cloud telephony solutions provide all your business communications needs in ONE complete solution, reducing administrative and accounting workloads.

  • No expensive on-site hardware, maintenance and cabling
  • Online web meetings save time and cost of business travel
  • Free SIP/VoIP internal calling even across geographical locations
  • ONE solution, ONE app, ONE low monthly bill

Stay Ahead with Future Proof Communications

Continous server updates and round the clock monitoring ensure that your cloud phone system is always kept up-to-date, secure and available. Regular automatic mobile and deskop app software updates provide you and your team have instant access to the latest cloud telephony & collaboration features, helping you to find new innovative ways to enhance team work and deliver amazing customer service time after time.

  • Focus on your business not your cloud telephony solution.
  • Benefit from cutting edge telephony and collaboration tools.
  • Improve workflows and boost innovation.
  • Enhance Business Continuity and Data Protection.

What to consider when choosing a Cloud Telephony provider?

When choosing a cloud telephony provider, you should answer the following questions in order to choose the provider that best fulfills your requirements.

  • Which features do you require for your business?
  • Does the cloud telephony provider offer these features?
  • Are they included as standard or as an add-on?
  • Does the provider offer a free test/trial period?
  • How easily can mobile devices, remote teams and offices be integrated?
  • Does the solution integrate into your business applications?
  • Does the provider conform to recognised security standards?
  • Is the cloud telephony solution hosted in Germany?

Cloud Telephony FAQs

  • Cloud Telephony solutions are incredibly flexible and scalable, making them suitable for all business sizes, from startups and SMBs to corporations. For any business whose current telephony systems are outdated and want to avoid the acquisition costs of new onsite telephony equipment, a Cloud Telephony solution is an excellent, cost-effective alternative to a traditonal phone system, especially as the ISDN infrastructure is switch off continues.

    Moving your business telephony to the cloud is normally extremely easy. To make and receive calls, all that is required is a broadband Internet connection, your laptop and a headset. Another excellent option that we highly recommend is to use your smartphone. Of course, other IP enabled devices such as your tablet or an IP desktop phone are optional and can be used according to personal preference.

    The terms Cloud Telephony, VoIP telephony and SIP telephony all refer to telephony via the Internet and are therefore often used synonomously. However, there is a difference between them. Cloud Telephony refers business telephony solution where all the phone system is hosted in a provider’s Data Centre and all the telephony functions are accessed via the Internet. In the case of VoIP and SIP telephony, both terms could refer to either an Internet Telephony (i.e cloud telephony) solution OR an onsite IP enabled phone system (IP PBX).

    The short answer is yes. The major telecommunication providers around the world are phasing out their ISDN infrastructures in favour of VoIP technology, meaning that at some point, you will have no choice but to switch to VoIP. In many countries, the switch has already been made or is well underway. Also, given the well documented advantages of switch to a Cloud VoIP solution, there really isn’t a valid argument no to switch.

    Yes, bringing your existing number with you is no problem and is normally free. Compared to traditional phone lines etc, the portability of VoIP technology is one of the tech’s main advantages as it means even if your office relocates to a new location inside the same phone number area code, you can still keep your existing numbers which was not always possible in the past. However, it is important to have all the information from your old provider contracts, particularly in terms of life contract life cycles. If you are still in contract, it is usually possible to perform a soft migration, whereby you can start using your cloud telephony solution in combination with your old provider and then port the numbers to your cloud telephony provider at a later date.

Why switch to the pascom ONE cloud phone system?

The pascom cloud phone system is a software-based virtual phone system solution that combines all the functionality of a traditional PBX with modern team collaboration and remote working tools to keep your team and customers connected. No matter where your team works from, they will have instant access to a reliable, secure and high-performing communications solution designed to deliver the extra flexibility and scalability that your business requires - from Team Collaboration to Home Office Working.

  • Work from anywhere
  • Simple setup and management
  • Cloud Unified Communications
  • Android/iOS mobile VoIP apps
  • Video conferencing & web meetings
  • Advanced Call & Contact centre
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