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Increased Mobility

Increased Flexibility

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Scalable, Cost Effective

The Cloud PBX that offers more

Our Cloud PBX solution is perfect for any businesses looking for a flexible, cost effective yet customisable phone system. pascom hosted phone systems provide businesses with more control, more freedom & flexibility, more features, more scalability and more cost savings, making our cloud phone systems ideally suited for start-ups, SOHOs and small businesses.

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Quick, Simple & Hassle Free

Benefit from a quick, simple and hassle free setup with our hosted PBX. There’s no need to set up complicated networks or additional hardware. Less administrative work means you can spend more time focusing on what really matters – your business.

Not got any any desktop phones yet? Our Soft clients for Windows, Mac and linux are also included in our cloud PBX package, meaning you only need a headset to get started.

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Illustration - cloud PBX's don't come any simpler

Cut Costs, Maximise Profits

Enjoy all the benefits that cloud solutions have to offer with our hosted phone system. Eliminate upfront costs and expensive hardware whilst benefiting from our “Live Support” package. The support package includes the initial setup, guaranteed next business day support, a dedicated customer care team and an unlimited access to our telephone and remote support services.

Lifetime updates and having the ability to cut telephony costs by leveraging your VoIP provider of choice help you plan a monthly budget, that does not spiral out of control.

Uncompromisingly Secure

Our Cloud PBX phone system offers maximum performance and security. Every aspect of customer specific data is stored in fully encapsulated environment. Meaning your data is absolutely secure.

Each customer has access to their own dedicated PBX instance (tenant), ensuring that there is no cross over with any other hosted PBX tenants. This greatly enhances security and also provides you with full control over your Cloud PBX customisation and security.

Illustration - pascom cloudstack container
Illustration - Unified Communications and much more

Enhanced Cloud UC

Our hosted PBX provides a whole host of features for Windows, Mac and Linux. Softphones, instant messaging and integrated access to corporate contact data ensure that your team members will have fingertip access to all their essential communication tools, no matter which platform they prefer and no matter if they are at the office, at home or on the move.

Practically the same features are all accessible via our smartphone apps for Android & iOS. Thanks to our apps, your team will benefit from enhanced, hassle free Unified Communications and Collaboration from anywhere, anytime.

Advanced Cloud ContactCenter

Drive performance and ensure the highest levels of customer service with a pascom Cloud Contact / Call Center solution.

pascom solves all your Contact Center needs in one platform. Thanks to our advanced Call Center tools, including Skills Based Routing, team management, call recording, customisable wallboards and call whispering, pascom cloud phone systems can significantly boost your Contact Center performance.

Our cloud PBX also enables Call Center operators to seamlessly integrate their existing customer management applications, providing further advanced functionality without damaging center performance.

Illustration - CallCenter Monitoring Wallboard
Illustration - Freedom to choose your preferred VoIP Provider

No VoIP Provider Lock-in

Unlike other hosted PBX vendors, pascom supports your business by giving you the freedom to choose your preferred VoIP provider that best matches your business model instead of locking you into a contract that doesn't.

Increase your global presence and reach whilst simplifying how your customers contact you thanks to being able to leverage local numbers.

Leverage local market VoIP Providers instead of a one size fits all hosted VoIP provider and enjoy more cost saving benefits.

Fully Encrypted

pascom Cloud phone systems automatically encrypt all digital traffic and do not make any compromises in ensuring secure, tap-proof and interference free communications.

Secure SIP, SSL encryption and exclusive "hosted in Germany" (TüV certified data center) are combined with an 100% "made in Germany" solution to provide you with maximum reliability at an unbelievably low price.

Illustration - Secure phone provisioning and voice encryption
Illustration - Cloud Scalability

Incredible Scalability and Flexibility

Benefit from a cloud telephone solution that scales with your business and gives you complete control. A hosted PBX enables you to scale your solution inline with company growth goals.

Modify every aspect of your hosted phone system to reflect your brand and according to your business needs and deliver excellent customer service.

With our cloud PBX you benefit from having total control over your phone system – from your “music on hold” to customized prompts and advanced call routing and everything in between.

Fully Featured Cloud PBX

Unlike other cloud PBX vendors, pascom's cloud PBX solutions offer exactly the same feature set of on-premise solutions. Meaning, our cloud solutions not only offer greater cost savings through eliminating on premise hardware and expensive VPN infrastructures. Your business will be able to benefit from greater productivity thanks to our feature rich, user friendly Unified Communications suite combined with the seamless integration between your PBX and your business processes and applications.

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Illustration - Cloud Solution with more than 60 Business Feature Highlights

60+ Business Features

No matter what your requirements are, our cloud phone systems have the features your business needs to overcome the challenges of the modern business world. From classic PBX functionality such as IVR menus & AutoAttendants through to Unified Communications, mobility and advanced Call / Contact Center solutions - we offer everything in one complete solution.

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