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Features Overview

End User Features

Through its full feature set and high performance, mobydick has been proven to significantly improve all aspects of your business communications

Unified Desktop Clients

Platform Independent Desktop Client

No matter whether your users prefer Windows, OS X or Linux, with mobydick you can be sure that every UC feature that your users rely on daily will always available thanks to mobydick's platform independent client. This ensuring that your users will be able to benefit from having a uniform experience when accessing UC features such as presence management, softphones, video telephony, call histories and of course chat capabilities, no matter which device they choose to use .

Android & iOS mobydick Mobile Apps

Android & iOS mobydick Mobile Apps

mobydick's mobility client (mobile app) gives your users real-time, finger tip access to all their mission critical info, including many of the desktop client's UC features, keeping them in the loop and contactable even when they are out and about. By providing remote access to your company phone book, the mobile app also has the benefit of greatly improving productivity while eliminating the need to synchronize all your various address book data.

communication freedom with the mobydick Softphone

mobydick Softphone

Our fully integrated softphone gives you the freedom to communicate from anywhere at anytime - giving you the same functions as a desktop phone, but without needing any additional hardware and at no extra cost.

mobydick Video Telephony Solution

Fully Integrated Video

Enhance collaboration and improve communication with mobydick's fully integrated video application. See who you are talking to without any additional costs or needing any 3rd party applications, no matter which phone you are using or where you or your colleagues are.

FlexPanel Framework

FlexPanel Framework

The FlexPanel framework enables you to set up individual, customised "views" as extensions of the mobydick desktop client which can be accessed on any platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux). As such, numerous modules are available, e.g. for displaying specific users and their availability, teams and their members, or displaying the number of callers waiting. In addition to this, the integration of web content (WebCam's, website elements etc.) could not be simpler.

mobydick Phone Book

Intuitive Address Book

The mobydick client comes complete with a fully integrated address book system through which users can access both their personal and corporate address books. The intuitive phone book also enables users to add new entries whilst still in call, from search results or from within their call history. Moreover, given sufficient permissions, you can update or delete your company wide contacts directly from within the client. On top of this, the client also allows users to integrate their Outlook or Apple address books along side the mobydick phone book making searching your all-important contact info as easy as 123.

mobydick TAPI

Integrating Windows Applications

Got a windows based ERP, CRM system or use Outlook? As mobydick comes complete with its very own, specifically developed TAPI interface, you can effortlessly use all the telephony functions built into your Windows applications. Of course, it goes without saying that our TAPI interface is both multiline and terminal server compatible.

Click to Dial


Rid your self of manual dialing and dial errors with click-to-dial. The mobydick client allows users to dial out from any programme, browser, CRM, e-mail client or internal company software. Simply highlight the number and by using a predefined shortcut key, mobydick will dial the number for you.

mobydick Search tool

Integrated Search

Keep track with mobydick's integrated search. Using the mobydick client's search function, you will be able to search all your communication data (calls, chats, server & local phone books) providing you with a clear overview to stay on top of all your communication.

mobydick Client Chat

Instant Messaging

Bring your employees together with instant messaging and support them with their everyday work. Using either their desktop or mobile clients, mobydick users can send & receive messages anywhere, anytime. Moreover, should a user start a conversation on their mobile, but want to switch to their laptop, mobydick syncs every message across all clients in real-time. Concerned about security? Chat away safe in the knowledge that every message is passed through your server via an encrypted transmission, protecting your messages against outside attacks.

Client Actions

Client Actions

Open external applications such as your CRM or Ticket System directly from within the mobydick desktop client. All you need to do is simply enter the application's local file path or URL and mobydick does the rest. Define these "actions" further by setting parameters such as name or phone number in order to open these contacts in the desired application. More complex search queries can be simply realised using a script.

mobydick Voicemail System


Per default, every mobydick user can be set up with their very own personal voicemail box should you choose. Make sure you never miss an important message again by letting mobydick deliver messages straight to your user e-mail. mobydick also ensures that managing your voicemail box could not be simpler you manage either directly on the phone or more easily in your mobydick client.

Integrated Fax Sever

Faxing for All

Save yourself valuable time and unnecessary trips to the fax machine. With mobydick, you have numerous options available for sending and receiving faxes. For example, why not send faxes directly from your client, e-mail programme or by using your fax printer driver. As for receiving, look no further than your e-mail inbox.



Empower your employees who are always on the go or have multiple offices, to choose how they want to communicate with our user managed FollowMe tools. More and more employees now work from mutliple locations, HomeOffice and whilst on the go with their mobile devices. Depending on the location being used, our phone system can identify and manage which phone should be used to ensure your team is always available.

Outlook Integration

Outlook Integration

Connect your mobydick client with your preferred Outlook address book. Outlook can integrate itself as an additional invaluable address book within the mobydick client, making your Outlook contacts available in all searches, including your call logs.

mobydick Call Recording

Call Recording System

Improve customer service with mobydick's call recording capabilities and gain a competitive edge. Use the recordings to identify call optimisations, facilitate employee training as well as improving overall call quality. Recordings can be started automatically or manually using the mobydick client's record button. Once a recording is made, they will be centrally stored and depending on your needs can be played back directly from within the client.

File Transfers

Secure File Sharing

Boost productivity by instantaneously sharing files directly from within your mobydick client. Use the progress checker to save time by immediately seeing if the recipient has actually received the file and eliminate all that "has my email arrived yet" hassle. Just as with your chat messages, every file share will be securely transferred and protected against attacks from external prying eyes.

The One Number Concept

One Number Concept - Worldwide Connectivity

Set your employees free without losing connectivity. With mobydick, you can keep your team connected anytime, anywhere on one number, regardless of which phone (desktop , softphone or mobile) they are using. Thanks to the mobydick mobile hub, your employees can take their office number with them when they are on to go, meaning they can make and receive calls using their office number where ever they may be.

mobydick hardware Telephone AutoProvisioning

Integrated Hardware Phones

Through our integration process, we guarantee that every mobydick approved device will have full access to the complete range of mobydick's advanced feature set such as the central phone book, busy lamp field (BLF) function keys, device based 3-way conferencing and the detailed, server based call history. That is why we work together with leading manufacturers in order to ensure that a whole range of tried and tested devices are available for you to choose from.

Standard telephony functions with mobydick

Standard Telephony Functions

mobydick gives your finger tip access to all the standard telephony functions you'd expect to have such as call pickups, transfers, 3-way conferencing, Busy Lamp Fields (BLF), call forwarding etc., and lets you choose hoe to use them by making them available both on the phone as well as within the mobydick client.

Team Functions

mobydick is a team player, providing a feature rich platform to support your teams, such as your Contact Center or Support Hotline.

mobydick teams

Team Management

With mobydick, you existing departments, e.g. Sales, Support or Customer Service can be transformed into a team with its very own extension number. In doing so, when a call comes in on a team extension number, mobydick will then distribute incoming calls according to call strategies and any predefined priorities amongst the team members. Should all your team members be busy, the caller will enter a queue, in which they can be kept up to date regarding their position in the queue and the estimated waiting time.

Dynamic Team Members

Dynamic Team Members

Make better use of your resources by allowing employees to dynamically log themselves in and out of teams in order to respond to changes in call volume or resource utilisation. Use "pauses" and promote greater teamwork by letting other team members know your are on a break. Moreover, through using the pause tool, mobydick's intelligent automatic call distribution will automatically adapt call handling, ensuring that no calls are routed to the paused agent until they return to the team.

mobydick IVR menu

IVR Menu

Relieve the pressure on your teams by using automatic call distribution. To achieve this, why not use an individually created options menu (IVR) in order to qualify calls and immediately connect them with the right contact. Structure your menus to best suit your company needs and ensure greater customer service and maximum flexibility.

Multilingual Announcements

Multilingual AutoAttendant

Put your callers at ease with mobydick's multilingual AutoAttendant announcements. mobydick can recognise where a call originates, meaning it is possible to greet all your callers in their native language.

Icon Skill Based Routing

Skills Based Routing

Skill Based Routing delivers the ability to route incoming calls according to contact center employees with the best suited skill set to fulfil your callers needs, for example according to language and product knowledge. This in turn contributes to ensuring that your team resources are optimally utilised whilst helping improve customer service and promote contact center performance.

Icon Call Labels

Call Labels

Call labels can be used to mark incoming calls with important caller specific information which is then displayed within the mobydick client providing your employees with essential customer service information such as the caller's language, which product line they are interested in or their customer number etc.

mobydick conference rooms

Virtual Conference Rooms

mobydick provides you with a fully equipped virtual conference server, enabling you to hold any number of parallel conference calls. The incorporated prompts system will also help you keep track of who has joined (or left) the conference to ensure your conference calls are as effective as possible.

mobydick Intercom

mobydick Intercom

mobydick's fully integrated intercom system allows you to make announcements to any number of desktop phones using their loud speakers and provides an excellent PA announcement system during emergencies or service failures.

Live team stats

Live Team Statistics

Use the mobydick client to gain a real-time overview of the status of your teams. With a whole host of statistics available plus graphical representations, you will be able to assess your current team resources utilisation at a glance.

Administrator Functions

mobydick contains numerous workload reducing and efficiency boosting tools, to help your Admin with their everyday work

mobydick device AutoProvisioning

Automatic Device Configuration

Save significant amounts of time, energy and therefore money with mobydick's autoprovisioning. One of mobydick's greatest strengths is its ability to automatically detect and configure all your end user devices as they boot up, meaning you can get numerous devices up and running within just a few minutes. Moreover, mobydick makes sure that all your devices are equipped with pre-approved, pascom tried and tested firmware for maximum compatibility and so you don't have to.

Supported Hardware

Integrating external phones in mobydick for on call services

External Phone Integration

Integrate phones that are not directly connected to mobydick, but can be reached via an external number. Combining these phones with your teams can provide you with a simple and extremely flexible solution to offering On Call Duty / Standby services outside of normal business hours, thus improving customer service and care.

mobydick Trunk Manager

Trunk Manager

mobydick supports both conventional technologies such as ISDN, Analog and GSM connections as well as the more modern IP trunk (SIP). In order to increase service reliability, you can group various trunks together and should, for example, your ISDN trunk drop out, you can automatically carry on calling without any restrictions using your IP trunk.

mobydick IP Provider Database

IP Provider Database

All IP is coming, some already have it. In the UK, reports suggest that the deadline is 2025, in Germany it's 2018, Macedonia is already "All IP". Armed with this knowledge, why not future proof your phone system by making the transition to modern IP connectivity? In order to make the change as painless as possible, mobydick delivers an easy to use setup assistant for an ever growing number of IP providers, ensuring that you can choose the right provider for your business, without any time pressures whilst simultaneously having the comfort of still being able to use your existing ISDN connections.

mobydick Hot Desking

Work Space Management

Also known as hot desking, mobydick provides the perfect platform from which to manage your employee work spaces. A work space can have one or more phones assigned to it, meaning that as soon as an employee signs into a work space, all the assigned devices will be reachable under the user's unique office extension number.

mobydick User Management

mobydick User Management

Just like your users are paramount to the success of your business, the concept of users plays a central role within mobydick in that the extension numbers and relevant settings are assigned to the user and not the individual phones. This concept has numerous benefits, ranging from enabling hot desking, work space management as well as the one number concept and FollowMe functions - whereby no matter how or where a user is or communicates, the mobydick can automatically follow them and find them ensuring greater, more efficient connectivity.

mobydick call flow management

Call Flow Management

Make sure your call flow works for your business with mobydick's call flow management system. The system is the glue that binds all the individual modules together and controls call distribution between your users, teams and IVR menus. Moreover, you can adapt the system to suit your needs by implementing additional elements such as date and time checks.

mobydick's integrated E999, E911, E112 emergency calling system

Emergency Numbers

mobydick's emergency call service allows users to call the emergency services without needing to be logged in. To support this, quite a few emergency numbers have already been defined and should your local emergency services number not be included, you can expand the system to add.

mobydick System Monitoring

System Health Checks

Keep up to date with your mobydick's overall system status. mobydick comes complete with Nagios/Icinga monitoring software fully integrated as standard, providing you with a real-time monitoring solution for all your telephony services. Should an issue arise, a notification e-mail will be sent out, enabling your IT team to react quickly and efficiently to avoid prolonged service interruptions. Should you already have a monitoring solution, then integrate the "over all health check", which is easily accessible via HTTP, into your existing monitoring solution.

mobydick High Availability Cluster

High Availability Cluster

Protect your system against server failure and deliver maximum service availability with the mobydick HA cluster. Ideal for CallCenters and high volume enterprise ContactCenters, mobydick's high availability will ensure that your team enjoys maximum uptime of your mission critical telephony services to protect against server failure and allow for routine maintenance without suffering any service interruptions.

Complete Backups & Snapshots

Complete Backups & Snapshots

Generate a complete mobydick server backup with which you can restore your mobydick system in the case of emergencies without requiring any additional hardware. For additional system protection requiring only the minimal amount of storage space, why not automatically generate database snapshots which will allow to not only retrieve your whole system but also any desired restore point.

Fully Automated Backups

Automated Backups

Save and avoid all that administrative hassle by automating all your mobydick backups, no matter which backup method you choose. For example, create a weekly full backup of your mobydick file server or alternatively you can set up mobydick to send a daily database snapshot via e-mail to your IT department.

Script Management

Script Management

mobydick is an Asterisk based phone system, and as such shares one of Asterisk's core strengths in being able to deliver flexibility and versatility through modifying scripts. As mobydick is pretty much 100 % compatible with these scripts, numerous requirements can be fulfilled per default. Moreover, as mobydick is able to manage your scripts, they will still be available and usable no matter which version you have.

Call Reporting

Call Reporting

Evaluating call data is a crucial aspect to optimise call distribution and better utilise and manage your resources. To this end, mobydick makes sure that you have access to all the statistics and reports that you could need.

Time Checks & Calendars

Time Checks and Calendars

Use mobydick completely adaptable time checks and calendars to refine your user and teams call flows. In doing so, you can greet callers with an appropriate message for out side of business hours or public holidays or have the call forwarded to the On Call Duty phone.

Encrypting Call Data

Encrypted Call Data

mobydick is able to not only encrypt all communication conducted via the client, but also any call data using SRTP (Secure Real-Time Protocol) should it be required. Activating call encryption can be done centrally, quickly and easily using the administration interface.

Legacy Device integration

Analog Device Integration

Despite all the hype about All IP technology, with mobydick you can continue to use your existing your analog devices, saving on money on replacing them until you have to. In particular, fax devices are, for many company's, still an essential part of business communication. Moreover, many other legacy systems such as door intercom systems, fire alarms and other building management devices can also be integrated.

Connecting External Applications

IT infrastructure integration and application inter-connectivity is essential for modern business success. mobydick delivers a range of integration interface options as well as coming complete with a an ever increasing number of ready made connector profiles to help you quickly connect all your applications.

OTRS Connector

OTRS 3 + 4 Connector

Increase customer service levels by integrating mobydick and OTRS 3 + 4, your call agents will be able to inform themselves fully about a caller before answering the phone, thus ensuring more personalised greetings and providing the agent with all the information about which customer tickets are open and when the customer last called. Should an agent need to call the customer, thanks to the integration this can be done directly, quickly and efficiently via the clicking on the phone number within the OTRS ticket system.

mobydick Connector

mobydick Connector

The mobydick connector is design to support you synchronise external data sources with your mobydick. To this end, the connector is equipped with numerous profile templates to cover many common applications. In order to provide greater flexibility, connector profiles can be modified right down to field name level, ensuring that you can import almost all your external data into mobydick.

QueueMetrics Connector

QueueMetrics Connector

Gain access to advanced call reporting and live team statistics with the mobydick QueueMetrics connector. Accessing this information can provide indispensable insights to your telephony operations, and is indispensable for CallCenters. Moreover, the intuitive QueueMetrics interface significantly reduces the otherwise lengthy initial set up as well as helping keep on going operational maintenance to a minimum.


WombatDialer Connector

Using Loway's WombatDialer with mobydick provides you with the opportunity to dramatically increase your CallCenter productivity. The WombatDialer independently works its way through the list of your campaign target contacts and only passes on successfully answered calls to your call center agents. In essence, with mobydick and the WombatDialer, you teams will be able to maximise their call penetration levels and in doing so increase productivity and improve overall campaign effectiveness.

Icon Univention Corporate Server

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) Connector

Thanks to the UCS mobydick connector template, you can effortlessly import and sync all your important user information from your UCS server. In doing so, aspects such as password management and the authentication process can also be transferred from mobydick to UCS, ensuring effective Identity Management and compliance with company wide password protocols.

Skype Connector

Skype Connector

Increase you reach and lower your costs by integrating Skype Connect into your mobydick. The possibilities are countless, for example enable customers to call you free of charge directly from your website or by using their Skype client. Moreover, you will have access to the global Skype Network, providing you with extremely cost effective international landline calls.

Active Directory Connector

Active Directory Integration

Thanks to the mobydick Active Directory connector template, you can quickly import and synchronise all your important user information from your Active Directory. In addition, password management and authentication can be transfer to your Active Directory to enhance company wide network security policies.

External user authentication

External Authentication

Save your self time with password management and let your mobydick authentication be undertaken by any LDAP directory service such as Active Directory, Univention Corporate Server or OpenLDAP. In doing so, passwords no longer need to be stored in the local database, eliminating duplicate records and repetitive tasks. However, should you wish you can also operate a mixed strategy as you can set the desired authentications method for each individual user.

Importing CSV Files

Importing from CSV Files

Along side connecting LDAP services, the connector is also able to import data from CSV files into mobydick. This option is commonly used to import data from phone books or speed dial lists.


DATEV Interface

From version 7.14 onwards, pascom supports all functions of the DATEV Telephony Basis package - all without extra licensing costs or additional software requirements. With DATEV Telephony basis, it is possible to synchronise inbound / outbound call data with the DATEV application as well as integrating DATEV workflows directly onto your desktop.

Developer Functions

mobydick is based on Open Standards, making it so simple for your developers to integrate our highly innovative system with your own software infrastructure

mobydick REST-API


The REST API provides the simplest integration of mobydick into your existing software environment. Just by sending a simple HTTP request, you can easily start a phone call or call up your current call history for example. In order to test the API, all you need your browser.

The mobydick XMPP-API


You can communicate with mobydick on a protocol level through using the integrated XMPP server. The XMPP API is particularly well suited to the integration of real-time applications. The mobydick desktop client itself soley uses the XMPP API in order to communicate with mobydick. What this means for you is simple - every function available in the client can be integrated directly into your software.

Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)

Asterisk Manager Interface

Numerous 3rd party applications such as QueueMetrics or the WombatDialer use the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) for integration purposes. Therefore, in order to be able to quickly and simply connect standard Asterisk integrations, mobydick is 100% compatible with the AMI. For new implementations we also suggest having a look at our REST or XMPP APIs as these can provide much more information much more simply.


FlexPanel Widgets

Customise the information you see to match your needs. We already have "ready-made" FlexPanel widgets which can be used for exactly that. Should you need something more customised, then with the mobydick FlexPanel you can design and develop your own widgets to match you needs, delivering greater performance and enhanced usability.

Detailed Features Overview

Our documentation provides you with a step by step guide to our VoIP phone systems, including video tutorials and HowTo's.

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