At pascom, we believe there is a better, more effective way for businesses to communicate. We understand that communication is key to business success and that the modern business communications require flexibility to be able to effectively communicate with customers independent of location, device or medium. In fact, we’re so passionate about what we do, that we were among the first VoIP phone system vendors to realise the importance of affordable all-in-one communication platforms that focus on core aspects: manageability, funcationality and usability.
pasquay computer - the origins of pascom

How the story began

pascom was founded by two brothers, Mathias and Quirin Pasquay in 1997 who turned their passion for computers into a carreer. For Mathias, it was an extra special day as not only was it his 18th Birthday, but also the day that he picked up his driving licence before driving off to officially register pasquay computer (now pascom) at the local company registration office.

pascom business phone system management

The early years

Initially focussing on end-user support services, the company began to grow and onboard a number of local business clients and it soon became apparent in which direction the brothers should steer the ship. The result, pascom Netzwerktechnik GmbH & Co. KG was born and began focussing solely on IT networking solutions for businesses.

MobyDick by pascom - VoIP made in Germany

Then came VoIP

Back in 2005 / 2006, the VoIP revolution was very much in its infancy. Luckily, our customer base included a number of visionaries. It was then, that one such visionary approached us and asked us to develop and deploy a VoIP solution for their business. We were in new territory, but it was an exciting challenge and opportunity. So more or less by accident, the first ever MobyDick VoIP server arrived and the dawn of a new era had arrived.

MobyDick by pascom - VoIP made in Germany

MobyDick, what the?

Where did that name come from? A leading competitor of the day was named for another aquatic life form and well whales are bigger and therefore eat octopuses - right?! Anyway, like pascom today, MobyDick was based on the open source telephony software Asterisk® and initial versions involved no small amounts of coding, scripting and were labour intensive. In short, they were just not suitable as a solution to sell on mass. There had to be a better way and the brothers reckoned they had found a niche in which to grow.

pascom VoIP Telephony on Top Form

A new, better way

Of course, they were right, there was a better way. A way which meant customers required less specialist knowledge, which delivered higher levels of automation, an admin-friendly management UI and loads of end-user features that were actually useful. The evolution of the pascom VoIP solution had begun and continued to grow in popularity. By 2016 VoIP solutions sales were fast outstripping Infrastructure sales and as a result, we adopted a “VoIP Only” focus. This also meant that we had grown to a point where an attempt at being serious was required.

pascom - VoIP made in Germany

Serious about VoIP

Let’s be clear, we have always been professional and serious about what we do, it’s just that we have a lot of fun doing it. As we’ve grown and matured both as a company and as people, it’s become clear that to do ourselves justice and remain serious contenders in one of the fastest growing industries, the gimmicks had to be shown the door and the first to go was MobyDick. From now on, the future of business communications is pascom.

pascom - VoIP made in Germany

pascom today

pascom have been pioneers within the VoIP industry. We were among the first to develop desktop and mobile UCC apps. We identified the potential of Video Collaboration very early on and immediately recognised the cloud as the future for business communications. What that means is, pascom today is more than a company or a service - it’s a solution. Choosing pascom means choosing a business communication platform supported by a company that understands not just business, but understands your business.

Why Choose pascom?

With the pascom VoIP phone system, your business will benefit from an all-in-one business phone system solution which gives you and your team the freedom to work from anywhere, keeping you connected and productive no matter where you work or on which device.

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