Asterisk – the powerful OpenSource telephony software with countless options

pascom is a leading European IP telephony solutions vendor. Based on Asterisk, the IP communication platform offered by pascom provides their customers with a tailor-made business telephony solution. Thanks to an internally developed, proprietary Admin User Interface, pascom solutions offer more than just telecommunication tools. Businesses of all sizes utilising VoIP telephony are able to benefit from access to a complete communications platform.

Through the OpenSource software “Asterisk”, pascom are able to integrate diverse platforms into one system. In ensuring that the system offers the complete Business Communication solution, all the essential UCC (Unified Communication and Collaboration) tools are included within the offering. Asterisk is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2.

Development of “Asterisk“ OpenStandards Software

Developed in 1999, the OpenSource software is the creation of Mark Spencer. Operated with Linux, the software consists of four core modules. The PBX core switching model for in- and outbound calls plus the implementation of the differing technologies from VoIP to hardware. Voice channels and various applications are managed by the Schedule and I/O Manager. Phone ringing or call forwarding functions are controlled using the Application Manager Module.

In addition, Asterisk controls all protocols such as ISDN, SIP, GSM or IACX2. The OpenSource software offers a massive range of functions accross all protocols and is therefore a highly flexible future proof solution for nearly every telephony infrastructure. A particular strength of Asterisk systems is that VoIP endpoints can be connected without requiring specialised hardware. pascom’s specifically developed admininstrations User Interface, which is based on Asterisk, leaves nothing to be desired.che offen.

Asterisk Functions

Through its extensive functionality, the free software achieves a high compatibility and offers businesses an extremely flexible solution, making Asterisk Software solutions suitable for small medium businesses as well as large multi-national organisations. This, in turn, offers real added value in terms of reducing the need and expense of replacing existing IP endpoints when changing your phone system. In choosing to use the software, you will be able to benefit from the following features:

Conference Calls


Call Forwarding


Call Recordings

As such, the Asterisk OpenSource PBX software also comes with all the expected features that you have come accustomed too and which are also available on analog telephony systems.

How Secure is Asterisk Software?

In order to prevent phone system abuse / unauthorised access by hackers and data thieves, the free Asterisk OpenSource software includes stringent security options which are regularly tested, maintained and updated. With Asterisk, it is possible to flexibly allow or disallow access to system extensions. This allows you to connect only endpoints with the corresponding permitted IP addresses. Undesired connections can also be blocked in advance. Your chosen Asterisk software version is also worth considering and it is recommended to use a current version.

Our tip: Use strong passwords! pascom have been installing VoIP software solutions for over 10 years and are very aware about any potential vulnerabilities. Should you have any security questions or any issues arise, the pascom support team will be more than happy to help.

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