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Connect Your Door Intercom.

Take building access control to a new level and seamlessly integrate your door intercom to the pascom unified communications suite with the pascom business phone system’s IP Intercom Deluxe integration.


Make and receive calls on your preferred device: VoIP phone, desktop and smartphone.


Chat with colleagues and teams in real-time with Instant & Team Messaging.


Start video calls & conferences with colleagues & customers in just a few clicks.


Promote collaboration and improve teamwork with File & Screen Sharing.

Direct from your workplace

Whether in the office, in HomeOffice or on the go, pascom’s UCC suite allows you to receive door intercom calls on your pascom extension from the comfort of your workspace.

  • Receive intercom calls on your deskphone, desktop app & mobile app.
  • No need for 3rd party software thanks to in-app audio & video.
  • Easy-to-use for greater user comfort and consistent usability (UX).

See who’s at the door

Modern IP door intercoms offer much more than audio calls and with the pascom desktop and mobile UCC apps, authorised users can view and monitor live video / jpg streams.

  • Screen office visitors direct from the pascom apps.
  • Monitor office entrances, car parks and security gates.
  • Grant visitor access with a single click.

Why Upgrade Your Business Communications with pascom Unified Communications?

Modern business communications are no longer confined to the boundaries of the office and takes place on multiple-devices across multiple channels. Take your business communications to new levels with the pascom UCC phone system solution and make all your calling, messaging, audio and video conferencing, team collaboration tools easily accessible wherever your are.

  • Work from anywhere
  • Simple setup and management
  • Cloud Unified Communications
  • Android/iOS mobile VoIP apps
  • Video conferencing & web meetings
  • Advanced Call & Contact centre
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