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ONE place for all your home office Business Communication tools

All you need is pascom - one easy-to-use, secure app for all your business communications. Enabling home office working provides businesses with benefits ranging from increased employee satisfaction to attracting the most talented workers and ensuring a robust business continuity plan. With pascom, working from home is as simple as opening the app, all you need is your laptop and/or smartphone and you and your team will have secure, instant access to all your essential everyday communication and collaboration tools.

Setup in Minutes

Add employee HomeOffices and get them calling in minutes - with no additional hardware.

One Number

Take your office number with you & eliminate the need to rely on private phone numbers.

Simple Collaboration

Easily connect via voice, chat, file sharing, video and web meetings all in one place.

Seamless & Secure

Cloud communications deliver a seamless, secure and effective work from home experience.

Securely setup your home office in minutes

Get Home Office employees up and running in minutes. All they need is the pascom Desktop App and/or mobile app, a headset and the internet. Let employees configure their own Home Office profile and allow them to log into their homeoffice with a single click. Everything else from preferred devices and follow me settings to team memberships and workspace will be automatically changed to their preferred configuration.

  • Work from home just as you would in the office.
  • Open the app, select your workspace and get calling.
  • Work with the phone that best suits your needs.
  • No hardware or complicated setup required.

Stay connected in Home Office

Take your office with you and make your office phone number as flexible as you are. The pascom cloud phone system gives you all the business telephony tools to keep your connected. Making, receiving and managing calls is quick and easy with our desktop and mobile softphone apps while the pascom ONE Number concept ensures that you never have have to give out your private number.

  • Stay connected and make & receive office calls from anywhere.
  • UCC softphone app for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android & iOS.
  • HD audio codecs delivering crytal clear voice.
  • No need to give out private phone numberss.

ONE App for all your communication tools

Stay productive with simple, secure access to all your business telephony & collaboration tools. Search company phonebooks and manage calls, devices and presence status while connecting with colleagues in real-time via Instant Messaging and Video. Dynamically log in and out of queues and open CRM records with a single click - all in ONE app designed to help you deliver the best in customer service.

  • Phone, Chat, Meet, Share & Fax all in ONE app.
  • Easy device management with customisable FindMe FollowMe.
  • Secure access to business critical telephony tools and contact data.
  • Instantly synchronised across all devices.

Collaborate your way

Connecting and engaging with customers, colleagues and partners is an everyday necessity. Unify your communications with all the voice, video and chat tools you need in one place. Enable Team Collaboration with group chats which can be elevated to audio and video conferences. Break down complex issues and increase understanding with desktop sharing and engage with customers and partners in web meeting sessions.

  • Instantly see who’s online, available or on a call.
  • Dedicated Team Messaging for project groups.
  • In-built file and desktop screen sharing.
  • Engage customers face-to-face with pascom Web Meetings.

pascom - The Digital Workplace App for Home Office

Regardless of size or industry, your business will have employees who can benefit from working from home. Enabling Work from Home Office policies allows businesses to grow, attract and retain the best employees, and ensures that with the right tools, you can transform your business into a more resilient, more productive and ultimately more successful enterprise.

  • Work from anywhere
  • Simple setup and management
  • Cloud Unified Communications
  • Android/iOS mobile VoIP apps
  • Video conferencing & web meetings
  • Advanced Call & Contact centre
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