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Why switching to a
Cloud Phone System makes sense

All-In-One Features

pascom ONE means one platform for everything your business needs to communicate effectively and professionally, including Business Telephony, Messaging and Meeting functionality.

Cost Savings

With pascom your road to the cloud is extremely cost-effective, thanks to no upfront costs or ongoing maintenance fees, you only pay for what you actually use in one low monthly invoice.

Work From Anywhere

With pascom ONE, staying connected with colleagues and customers is simple regardless of where your office is; in the office, in Home-Office or on the go!.

Secure Communications

ISO Certification, secure cloud hosting, the latest encryption tech and continuous upgrades mean that your business will benefit from secure, reliable, and robust business communications.


New users, offices, and remote locations - with pascom ONE, onboarding and connecting them all is simple and allows you to scale your cloud phone system from the comfort of your desk.

Simple Setup

Get up and running in minutes; register, add employees, setup the pascom apps and you’re all set to go and work from anywhere - all online and with just a few clicks!

What you should
consider before switching

Broadband Internet

Check your Internet connectivity

A fast and stable broadband internet connection is a must have requirement when using a cloud phone system. In order to guarantee high quality audio calls, please ensure that your internet fulfils the following:

  • A minimum of 100Kbits/s upload and download speeds.
  • Enough bandwidth for both IP telephony and yout everyday Internet usage
  • Additional capacity for other devices connected to your network.

VoIP Endpoints

Choose your preferred IP endpoints

You don’t necessarily need to buy new VoIP phones for your new pascom ONE cloud phone system. It is possible that your existing phones can be used in combination with your virtual phone system. If you want extra flexibility and to save even more money, then all you really need your computer and/or mobile device plus a good headset. This provides your employees extra flexibility when remote working and will help save money on expensive VoIP phones.

Phone Numbers

Bring your current numbers with you or simply order new numbers

When switching phone system and/or telephony providers, you need to consider what to do with your business phone numbers - keep them, order new numbers or perhaps both?

  • With most providers, porting your phone number is normally free.
  • Make and receive calls on your office number.
  • Stay connected with colleagues and customers from anywhere.


Upload the required documents

When ordering new or porting landline phone numbers, the German Bundesnetzagentur requires an address verification in order to allocate landline phone numbers. With pascom ONE, this will be either your most recent telephone bill from your existing provider and/or your company’s commerical registration certificate.

  • Most recent phone bill
  • Company commercial registration
  • Porting form (available in the porting process)


Everything you need for smooth road to the cloud

Use the following checklist in order to ensure your road to the cloud is smooth and effortless.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Choose and define what hardware your users need and prefer
  • Create a list of all your required phone numbers
  • Make sure you have all the required documentation ready to upload
  • Confirm functionality requirements
  • Start your 30-day free trial
  • Upgrade your trial, start the number porting / ordering process

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