Grandstream ATA HT701 and HT802


Grandstream HT701

  • A FXS Port for one analog fax device. Grandstream HT701

Grandstream HT802

  • Two FXS Ports for two analog endpoints Grandstream HT802
Provisioning Firmware Management
Yes No

Provisioning: The gateway / adapter will be managed via the pascom phone system.
Firmware Management: Device firmware can not be actualized / updated via the pascom phone system.



For automatic device commissioning, a functioning DHCP server is essential.

Device Commissioning

Connect your Grandstream ATA to your network. The device will then automatically appear in the Gateways list once successfully booted > .

Adding Endpoints via SIP

Follow the following steps > > > and select the option Via Grandstream Gateway: Analog device via SIP. Next, under the tab select the Gateway port on which the device should be connected to. Finally, assign the device to a user under the tab.

After saving your configuration, the Gateway must be manually restarted. This needs to only be done once and is done by disconnecting the Gateway’s power supply. After restarting, the Grandstream ATA will be provisioned by the pascom phone system.