pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

Trunk Settings

Trunk Templates
The pascom phone system includes a SIP provider database including a number of templates for creating SIP trunks. These templates are designed to support admins with the trunk setup and automatically add the appropriate call rules.
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Basic Settings
The basic settings of the trunk allows you to further adapt the data from the trunk templates.
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Account Settings
In the account settings, enter the registration details with which pascom should register on the provider's server. It is also possible to configure additional settings aside from the authentication details.
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Call Rules
Using call rules you are able to manage which extensions are available over which trunk i.e. who can call out via this trunk. Call rules are automatically added when using one of our trunk templates and can then be modified.
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Emergency Calls
How to manage emergency numbers with the pascom phone system and ensure that the correct location is transmitted to the control centre.
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