How to use Gateways to integrate ISDN or Analog technologies such as fax and ISDN connections.

  • pascom VPN Connector
  • Connect your local network to your phone system instance or self hosted pascom PBX via VPN Sie Ihr lokales Netzwerk via VPN mit Ihrer Instanz in der oder Ihrem lokalen pascom Server

  • beroNet Gateways (Box) Setup
  • Integrate your Analog and ISDN Endpoints and Trunks into your pascom phone system via a beroNet Gateway

  • beroNet PCIe Card Setup
  • How to integrate ISDN endpoints and Trunks into your pascom phone system using beroNet PCIe cards

  • Grandstream ATA HT701 and HT802
  • Grandstream ATA adapters provide a cost effective solution for integrating Analog technology such as Fax / Door Intercom systems etc into your pascom phone system.