pascom Client

For further information, please refer to our detailed Client documentation.

Release 42.R34 (17.10.2018)


  • Integration for Android contacts
  • Integration for macOS and iOS contacts
  • Improved Sennheiser headset Support
  • Improved reliability of attended transfer on iOS


  • [CL-23] - Improve behavior of shortcut settings in client
  • [CL-34] - Headset buttons on Plantronics D100 not working with macOS
  • [CL-37] - Right click in chat binds menu to cursor
  • [CL-42] - Multiple dials after long click-to-dial shortcut press
  • [CL-43] - Improve input validation for phonebook editing in client
  • [CL-47] - Inconsistent behavior of xmpp groups and teams in classic and pascom client
  • [CL-86] - Client reconnects after sending special character
  • [CL-88] - client crash in SingleChat::unreadMessages()
  • [CL-104] - Client phonebook search provider should also search incomplete numbers
  • [CL-108] - Sennheiser Headset stays in call if call is accepted simultaneously by another user
  • [CL-121] - Include dump files during creation of Support Information in client
  • [CL-125] - Check and upgrade to pjsip release 2.8
  • [CL-133] - Detect and prevent installing on unsupported windows Versions
  • [CL-145] - Integrate Apple macOS/iOS Address Book in Client
  • [CL-149] - Show a toast if the device changes after switching the location
  • [CL-152] - Message counter in close button on mobile
  • [CL-163] - Android Phonebook Integration
  • [CL-172] - Add “Load older messages” button to chat view
  • [CL-220] - Multi-Line chat messages are not possible anymore in pascom client
  • [CL-221] - Client tray icon translation sometimes doesn’t work
  • [CL-222] - Wrong contact details in chat history
  • [CL-223] - Prohibit inconsistent phonebook entries of users
  • [CL-224] - Improve fax dialog
  • [CL-225] - No hint if softphone is not ready
  • [CL-226] - “preferred device” toast is shown also on mobile
  • [CL-227] - Create High-Resolution Versions for Phonebook Icons
  • [CL-228] - Show hint that sennheiser activation failed
  • [CL-245] - No audio after transfer of external call to ios mobile client