pascom Cloud Phone System Documentation and Release Notes

pascom SIP Trunking

Enjoy all the benefits of the pascom All-In-One Cloud communication platform with the integrated pascom SIP Trunk.

What is pascom trunking?

pascom Trunking is the term used to describe pascom’s SIP Trunk. This SIP Trunk is not physically set up at your location, but is a virtual phone number. To make and receive calls via your pascom SIP trunk, all that you need an Internet connection and the pascom apps, meaning you can work from literally almost anywhere.

Managing your pascom phone numbers

You can easily manage your pascom phone numbers via the mypascom portal. Simply log in to the mypascom portal with your account credentials and click the menu option. This will take you to an overview of your subscriptions. Next choose the pascom cloud telephone system 1where your would liek to manage the associated phone numbers and click the button.

1 In most cases, you will only have one phone system subscription to choose from.

All associated phone numbers are also listed at the bottom of the details overview.

pascom cloud phone numbers overview

Status of pascom phone numbers

pascom phone numbers are assigned with a status as described below:

Status Description
Pending The phone number is still in the registration phase. This process can take up to 20 minutes
Active The phone number can be actively used by the pascom PBX
Dead The phone number is linked to the subscription which has been cancelled which also cancels the phone number registration

In addition to this, if you log into your pascom phone system admin UI and go to > , select the trunk and then go to the basic data tab, you will receive a notification if the pascom Trunk is usable.

Phone number status

Create or buy new pascom phone numbers

Your pascom ONE phone system subscription already includes phone numbers which are available for your to use. The number of phone numbers available is based on the number of user licences contained within your subscription. Should you require more phone numbers than those already included, you can of course purchase additional phone numbers.

Simply log into your mypascom account and select the menu option. This will direct you to an overview of all your phone numbers. To add further phone numbers, click the button.

Next, you will need to select the phone system subscription to which you would like to add more phone numbers.

select pascom cloud subscription

Under the New phone numbers section, the amount of phone numbers included in your subscription and how many are already in use is displayed.

pascom cloud New Phone Number

Next, click the button.

If you need more phone numbers than the amount alredy included in your subscription, you can purchase additional phone numbers (additional cost).

If you have not already done so, the next step requires you to upload a current phone bill or business registration certificate for verification purposes.

Select phone number block

In the next step, you can select the amount of phone numbers (block size) that you wish to purchase.

pascom cloud phone number block

The phone number block size “1” is used for single phone numbers. Otherwise, you can change size of the required phone number block in increments of 10. When using a phone number block with a size of 10 or more, based numbers followed by extension numbers are generated.

After selecting your desired phone number block size, you have the option to choose from 3 suggested phone number patterns.

If you have chosen a phone number block size of 10 phone numbers or more numbers, only the base number pattern will change, while the extension numbers remain the same.

  1. Single phone number

pascom cloud single phone number

  1. Phone numbers with extension

pascom cloud phone number block (DIDs)

Clicking on the button will take you to the order overview where you can review your order details and complete the purchase.

Provisioning period of new pascom phone numbers

The provisioning and registration of new purchased or ported phone numbers usually takes 1 business day. You can see the status of your phone numbers in the mypascom portal via the menu.

Can I port my existing phone numbers to pascom?

If you would like to port your existing phone numbers hosted by a third party provider, you can do so via our porting option. To do so, follow the steps above, but rather than selecting the New phone numbers option, select the Port Existing Phone Numbers option:

Port existing phone numbers to pascom

Alternatively, you can set up your existing provider on the pascom telephone system, as long as it is supported by pascom. A list of supported providers can be found here.