pascom phone number setup

Erfahren Sie, wie pascom Rufnummern auf der Telefonanlage eingerichtet werden.

Set up pascom phone number on the phone system

The pascom trunk is already set up on the telephone system, so you do not need to worry about the setup. You can find the pascom trunk on the admin interface under > .

Adjust incoming call rules of the pascom trunk

By default all incoming calls, no matter on which of your pascom phone numbers, will be set to one and the same internal extension.

pascom cloud default incoming call rule

Customize the routing of your phone numbers into the pascom telephone system according to your requirements. The following example shows a single number routed to an internal extension.

callrule for single numbers

For phone number blocks you can route single call numbers detached to the pascom phone system or use variables to route the whole extension to the exact same internal extensions.

callrule for call number block

At this point, using the instructions for call rules you have many more options to route your phone numbers into the pascom phone system.