mobydick 7.09

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Release 07.09.05

Bugfix Release, Published: 08.10.2015


md-cmd 7.09.05

  • Fixed the issue relating to the too strict work locations name validation
  • Resolved the added languages problem within the user mask 
  • A few xmpp cache values have been modified which will now be scaled according the amount of available memory
  • The time column will now be correctly entitled in Journal XLSX exports
  • Should you try to apply a beroNet specific function on another Gateway, this will now be detected
  • Within Trunk CLIP settings it is now possible to select a dialplan script, within which provider specific behaviours can be mapped
  • The size of individual to be sent faxes is now limited to 10 MB for stability reasons
  • A few texts have been modified
  • Fixed the problem relating to the dialplan generation with certain beroNet module combinations
  • Added a new VoIP provider profile: Netcom Kassel
  • Resolved the issue with the yes / no dropdowns in the user mask

md-xmppserver 2.08.05

  • Memory usage and performance will be periodically logged. The default settings (2 hour intervals) can be changed
  • The complete data model will also be validated and if necessary adjusted, at the same time as orphaned channels
  • The xmppserver data model will be cleaned up upon an Asterisk crash / restart
  • Fixed the issue relating to the call handling of a Attended Transfer of a Queue Call to an agent in another queue

md-client 3.04.04

  • On windows machines, the graphical pop up notifications no longer take on the active window status meaning other applications remain as the active window
  • Resolved the memory leak / crash problems caused by frequent searching / filtering of the call journal
  • Links within a chat message can now always be clicked
  • The size of individual to be sent faxes is now limited to 10 MB for stability reasons
  • Fixed the problem of duplicated work location entries within the client which occurred as result of changing location

Release 07.09.04

Bugfix Release, published: 09.09.2015


md-cmd 7.09.04

  • Numerous potentially lengthy actions will now display a waiting dialogue
  • Location names will now be more strictly validated
  • When configuring a queue, the field “Answer Channel” will only be displayed when the field “music on hold” is set to “dial tone”
  • Your own individual music on hold can once again selected in conference rooms
  • When an appliance backup is started from a CD, this will prompt a clear warning in the WebUI to be displayed
  • Improved the validation and error notifications when adding a new user
  • The size of the XMPP-VCard-Cache can now be adjusted
  • Any port now be specified in the Mailserver using the syntax “” 
  • DNSMasq restart has been integrated into the “Apply Network Configuration”
  • Improve Trunk template export function: More sensitive values (passwords) will be replaced by variables
  • Improved Trunk templates for QSC, FritzBox, MNet, Inexio & Sipgate-Team
  • Added a trunk template for the provider “netplanet”
  • IAX-Modem-Peers now have random passwords
  • Resolved the problem related to applying telephone books when line breaks exist within the data
  • The XML menus on Yealink phones has been reduced to 29 entries in order to avoid a “file layout error”
  • Under certain conditions, individual missed calls will not be shown on Yealink phones
  • The correct time zone will now always be correctly provisioned on Yealink telephones
  • Fixed the problem with similar variable names when provisioning telephones
  • Improved the LDAP search filter when provisioning Snom phones
  • An action (Login/Logout/Pause etc.) on a single queue no longer results in the “total status” hint being disrupted
  • The hint when pausing an agent using *42X will now always display the correct status
  • Selecting a prompt for which no files are added no longer causes an error
  • Fixed the Dialplan problem with beroNet GSM Gateways
  • The correct NTP and Time zones will now be correctly provisioned for beroNet Gateways 
  • The FXS port on beroNet devices can no longer be selected as the ISDN time source
  • The ring voltage on beroNet FXS gateways can now only be provisioned on 49V or 89V 
  • The administration password can now be changed on beroNet gateways
  • The user name for beroNet gateways can not be changed and is always set to “admin”
  • When adding a beroNet gateway the SIP credentials will now be randomly generated
  • Fixed display problem with the beroNet port configuration

md-xmppd 2.06.01

  • CRITICAL: Fixed an issue that could cause a Deadlock

md-xmppserver 2.08.04

  • Multiple journal entries (Phone Call Records) were not correctly linked under certain circumstances.
  • The hint statuses will now be refreshed upon an Asterisk Reload
  • CallerID updates will no longer be performed on calls originating from within a queue

md-aastra-data 2.04.00

  • Internal code modifications

md-client 3.04.03

  • Numerous UI improvements
  • CallerID updates will no longer be performed on calls originating from within a queue
  • T&Cs updated

md-jasperreports 1.05.00

  • Internal code modifications

md-moh-basic 3.01.00

  • Internal code modifications

md-prompt-de 3.02.01

  • New prompts for mobydick specific features

md-snom-data 3.05.00

  • Internal code modifications

md-tapi 2.02.01

  • Fixed the problem where completed calls lead to a crash
  • The “mdtapi” directory will also be deleted from within the programme upon deinstallation
  • T&Cs updated
  • Resolved several error causes in combination with Outlook when one hang ups the phone
  • Improved stability when call actions are performed on the telephone

md-updater 1.09.03

  • An error message will appear when the update pool is older that the already installed version

md-yealink-data 2.03.00

  • New telephone firmware integrated

ex-mobydick 2.08.04

  • Intergrated numerous Debian LTS Patches
  • T&Cs updated
  • Added a script that removes a standby slave from the Clust and a resets it with a normal mobydick

Release 07.09.03

Bugfix Release, published: 10.07.2015


md-cmd 7.09.03

  • Resolved infrequent update problem relating to system versions 7.00 to 7.02
  • Resolved infrequent update error from versions < 7.08
  • Firmware update for Aastra / Mitel phones is now more stable
  • Aastra/Mitel phones can now refresh the work location display name without requiring a reboot
  • New script for integrating Loway’s WombatDialer solution
  • The full backup process now runs with a lower priority and no longer affects telephony services
  • Fax service now takes into account the number of send attempts
  • When setting up a generic SIP device, more secure login credentials will be suggested 
  • The dial option “R” (and “r”) can now be configured in queues
  • Migrations from md 6 to md 7 now also works again with coupled call groups 
  • New voicemail notifications now use the correct date format 
  • Already existing prompt files can once again be overwritten 
  • Added SIP trunk template for German SIP provider Inexio Business Connect 
  • 1und1 trunk template now configures the CLIP-Mode “number” 
  • Added SIP template for UK SIP provider “SIP Tunk Plus”
  • M-Net SIP trunk template CLIP mode is now “Name+Number”
  • Button for switching from the mobydick Commander to Icinga interface now functions in Internet Explorer as well as with passwords which contain @ signs

md-xmppserver 2.08.03

  • Improved journal call history data clean up
  • Resolved the problem with combined hints

md-client 3.04.02

  • .dial.txt feature now works on Linux operating systems
  • Fixed problem with blind / unattended transfers on Yealink telephones
  • Fixed Memory Leak issue relating to frequently used journal tabs
  • Stability improvements

ex-mobydick 2.08.03

  • Firmware modifications to enable the sending of “Fax sending failed emails” with time stamps
  • Stability improvements from 7.08.06 to 7.08.08
  • The full backup process now runs with a lower priority and no longer affects telephony services

Release 07.09.02

Bugfix Release, Published: 15.06.2015


md-cmd 7.09.02

  • New Trunk Template Wizard for peoplefone
  • Updates to existing trunk templates
  • Using the incoming call rules belonging to a trunk, calls can now be blocked
  • REST Requests over /services/ relating to language prompts can once again be performed.
  • DTMF Codes for the Asterisk Standard features will now be generated randomly.
  • The selection of transmission capacity of a Trunks’ outbound rules will now be correctly implemented.
  • Internal Code modifications relating to improved entry validation
  • Due to problems with the MTU, the available to be used codecs have been restricted to alaw, ulaw and gsm.
  • Modified snom base configurations, designed to simplify using the internal phone book
  • Modified snom base configurations: improved recording system operation 
  • Provisioning of the snom 715 Model series has been improved

md-updater 1.09.02

  • Problem with the update to 7.09.01 resolved
  • Various notification texts have been modified 

ex-mobydick 2.08.02

  • Resolved issues relating to the usage of the serial TTY
  • Distribution of the Asterisk version 11.6-cert 11 due to new security patches

md-xmppserver 2.08.02

  • The journal can now be cleaned daily

Release 07.09.01

Bugfix Release, Published: 28.04.2015


md-cmd 7.09.01

  • Yealink phones now display the correct user name after a successful roaming process has been completed
  • Optimised Call Distribution for queues which have the “all calls” call strategy, meaning calls are now passed to agents more quickly
  • Expanded Yealink and snom function keys presets within the base configurations
  • After installing, the GUI will now display the correct Boot-Mode during the first Sign-in
  • The GUI has had some small visual modifications applied to it
  • Readable formatting for exported Trunk Templates
  • Resolved problem relating to the import of a trunk template caused by a erroneous CLIR mode
  • Optimised MuiscOnHold behaviours relating to Queues and Call Groups
  • Support for beroNet small business boxes with BF1SO and BF2SO has been expanded
  • The status bar now also has the licenee displayed
  • NTP will now be correctly configured if your mobydick be switched from a DHCP client to a static network
  • The fax send time now displays correctly in the web user interface
  • For call origination, the integrated mobydick softphone now always dials a direct path for outgoing calls and will no longer under any circumstances be called up first in the origination process.
  • The Sipgate Trunk Wizard no longer uses ulaw codecs 
  • After making alterations within the services mask, icinga will now also be automatically refreshed. 
  • Team names are now more strictly validated
  • Problem relating to the automatic logging off of “Removed from queue agents” has been resolved
  • Problem relating to the display of Queue Statuses within the client has been resolved
  • When using mail-to-fax the name of the first attachment will now automatically be used as the Job Identification code. 
  • Problem with editing the CLIR-Mode Fields in the trunk mask has been resolved
  • Time display within emails from voicemail boxes will now also take into account time zones
  • Resolved mobydick 6 migration problems related to very long prompt file names
  • Resolved problem of automatic call penetration within a circular call forwarding setup.

md-xmppserver 2.08.01

  • Problem relating to call transfers on Yealink devices has been resolved
  • Internal Code Optimisations
  • Problem with the Queue Status display within the client has been fixed
  • Issues with Call Journal entries connected to call recordings have been resolved

md-client 3.04.01

  • Problems with the Group Chat (MUC) when closing the client has been resolved
  • Improved loading of previous journal entries
  • Sender and receiver user names are again correctly displayed in the chat archive 
  • Softphone settings will no longer be double displayed
  • The GUI has had some small visual modifications applied to it
  • Actions connected to specification of parameters function correctly
  • Active call notifications can now be disabled
  • Resolved problems with the forced closing of the client
  • Improved client handling in multi screen environments
  • Update Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8.0u45
  • More than 100 journal entries can now be retrieved within the journal
  • Mac OS X Client is once again correctly signed
  • By an originated call, no call activity will be displayed within the client. 
  • The from/to in archived chat messages has been swapped round

md-tapi 2.01.01

  • In certain circumstances Incoming / Outgoing Calls an error will be signalised, despite the action being completed successfully, whereupon TAPI applications (e.g. Outlook) have displayed an error message
  • Within the configurations dialogue and in the File Settings, the correct version number will once again be displayed instead of the “”

md-updater 1.09.01

  • Resolved problems with packet dependencies
  • Small optical / visual modifications to the GUI

ex-mobydick 2.08.01

  • Resolved startup problems connected to serial TTY
  • com1 can now be used as a serial console
  • Integrated packet “patch” within firmware
  • Debian Security Updates

Release 07.09.00

Minor release, mobydick Video Telephony, SIP Provider Database, Published: 27.03.2015

Important information regarding this update:
1. From now on only lower case mobydick usernames are possible. Upon updating, all existing users will be automatically migrated. This will not have any affect on the client, as the client does not distinguish between names entered using upper case or lower case characters or even a mixture, meaning your users will not have to make any changes.
2. The update process will be changed with this version. After any update from version 7.09 onwards, a large proportion of the configurations will be automatically regenerated and Apache, xmpp server and fax server (not Asterisk however) will be restarted. Therefore, the update will require approx. 1 - 2 minutes more than previously, but will result in a more stable and consistent system. During this process, normal phone calls will not be lost. However, the client connection and if necessary video calls will be interrupted. Should you be operating with our integrated softphone, the process may have the unfortunate consequence of disconnecting calls.
3. With the 7.09.00 version a few previously standalone packets have been compiled together and integrated into md-cmd and now will no longer appear in the installed packages list. This affects:
* md-queuemetrics
* md-snom
* md-billing
* md-yealink
* md-patton
* md-berofix
* md-aastra
* md-connector


md-cmd 7.09.00

  • Usernames are only permitted in lower case form from now on. Existing users will be automatically migrated onto this pattern.
  • Users can now be added to include their preferred language, During the migration process, all users will have the language set to the system default. 
  • Voicemail e-mails will now be sent in the users preferred language.
  • The pre configured user language will now be set correctly for outgoing calls. 
  • Additional prompt languages can now be added using the corresponding menu option.
  • Issue with the “used in” tab within the prompts menu has been resolved
  • When configuring an IVR menu, invalid and timeout entries will now be automatically generated. 
  • Improved workflows and more templates for adding trunks.
  • Added SIPGate Team Account Trunk template
  • Added 1und1 Trunk template
  • Added Telekom IP Telefonie Trunk template 
  • Added Easybell Trunk template
  • Added Provider Deutsche Telefon Trunk template
  • Trunk configurations incl. associated rules can now be imported and exported
  • The host field of a trunk configuration has been moved from basic data to accounts, pro accounts can now be added to different hosts.
  • icinga now also checks the database migration status
  • icinga now also checks the acpid process
  • The chat archive can now be adjusted as well as being completely switched off via cronjob
  • An erroneous mobydick cronjob will now generate & send an e-mail to the administrator
  • Simplified sign in and pausing in multiple queues via system extension number
  • After the administrator login, a warning message will appear should the system status be inconsistent after an update
  • Pickup notifications for team members can now be configured in more depth
  • SIP video support is disabled as default again
  • Problem of receiving team faxes with a subsequent email resolved
  • New REST request in order to collect team live data

md-xmppd 2.06.00

  • Integrated jitsi Video bridge, which will also be monitored by icinga
  • Now uses Java Runtime Version 8

md-xmppserver 2.08.00

  • Video Support for the mobydick Client
  • The chat archive can now be adjusted as well as being completely switched off via cronjob
  • Team statistics now react correctly to logged on agents, who currently do not have an available telephone
  • Pickup notifications for team members can now be configured in greater detail

md-aastra-data 2.04.00

  • Internal modifications

md-client 3.04.00

  • Now uses the integrated Java Runtime Version 8
  • Video between Clients independent of the end user devices being used
  • Improved Outlook integration, meaning one can search through more contact folders
  • The agents tab within a team now also display phone status for the corresponding agents. The information must be manually refreshed
  • mobydick Softphone shutdown process is now consistent
  • Should the Softphone not be able to build a SIP connection, a warning message will be displayed
  • The call notification is now displayed for the duration of a call and can now be used to control the call
  • The FlexPanel now disconnects a call correctly when clicking the red handset
  • Within the team view the waiting callers display will be automatically refreshed
  • Users can now select their language directly from within the client  

md-jasperreports 1.05.00

  • Internal modifications

md-prompt-de 3.02.00

  • Internal modifications

md-prompt-en 3.02.00

  • Internal modifications

md-snom-data 3.05.00

  • Internal modifications

md-updater 1.09.00

  • Modified the update process (see above)

md-yealink-data 2.03.00

  • Upgraded Yealik Firmware V72

ex-mobydick 2.08.00

  • acpid integrated
  • Java Runtime 8 integrated
  • Resolved issue relating to unintentional faxmaster_notify. The default value is now set to “never”